Baby treatment #5

Only 6 more to go. Hummmm that doesn’t add up but I KNOW December 3rd is my last treatment and I’m ringing that brass bell with joy that day! Today started out very early at the oral surgeons office at 7:15am. Rylee has to have 2 teeth removed. It was 35* and we waited outside for 15 minutes only to find out we wouldn’t have time for the consultation because they don’t even start them until 8:15-8:30and my ride was picking me up at 8:40 for chemo. So I explained that my chemo schedule had been extended for 9 more weeks, all on Monday mornings. Then she tells me because if my “situation” they will make an exception and set a special appointment for us. Mind you, this will be our third attempt to be seen. Grrrrr. So we left, I took Rylee to school, I went home and waited for my ride and off to chemo we went. My daughter Melanie was my chaperone and the lovely Madison was my nurse. I forgot to take a picture of Madison but here’s Mel and I…

And me after mega Benadryl! Lights out!

So the mini treatments only last about 3 to 3.5 hours. We were out by 12 and went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Mel husband Joe met us there. My lunch wasn’t very good. I really don’t think I’m going to be happy until I get my salad from O’Charlies. And I will get it!

So it was a short day. I came home and laid down until our Meal Train person came with dinner at 5:15. Pasta, meatballs and sausage covered in cheese. Garlic bread, salad and chocolate chunk cookies. Thank you Miss Leslie. I could eat it all.

Tonight I will probably be up all night because of the steroids. I’m not sure what I’ll do…maybe go through my clothes and find somethings to wear with this chill in the air! I LOVE IT! Well, except for my neck!

My blessing for today was lunch with Mel and Joe and visiting with Leslie! Thanks again to you all!

Be blessed,




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