I’m 10 down and 5 to go…

Well I’m getting there. I do my last treatment on December 3rd. It’s my son Joeys birthday. I’m looking forward to ringing the victory bell on the wall! I know Terry, Rylee andMel plan on being there and Joeys trying. I want to celebrate with my support circle! I finally see the end of the tunnel, thank you, Jesus! On top of that my surgeons office called me because she wants to see me ASAP. I’m glad because I need to get all the major stuff done by the end of the year! You guested it…the deductible has been met! 😃😊😉

I’ve really not been feeling good for about 3 weeks running. Sundays are about the best and Monday I start all over again. Sunday in Church a sweet older lady came to tell me she was praying for me. I can’t for the life of me remember her name. She assured me this would be just like child birth. Soon after it’s over and I start to feeling better I won’t remember the pain and nausea any more. Then she told me she’s had cancer 3 times and beat it every time. My NEW hero!

I’ve had a few people ask me some question so I’m going to put them out here for you too. My younger son, Rylee asked what food taste like. If you’re following me you know I’m not eating much because food taste awful to me. Right now I’m not having the metallic taste but most of what I eat, I can’t eat because it taste like lard or leaves a coating in my mouth. OR BOTH. It’s hard to enjoy a meal when it taste like it’s gone rancid. That means no sugar because it taste like it’s burnt. No cookies or cakes or crackers… On the bright side, I’m loosing about 2 to 3 pounds a week. I can eat lightly seasoned meats. Raw vegetables in ranch, sliced apples and cheese curds…oh and salads with balsamic vinegar dressings. 😋 oh and chicken noodle/rice soup is what I live on! My sweet chaperone for today was Michelle and she started a meal train for my family so I do t have to worry about my boys getting fed! Thanks Michelle!

She even shared her nuts with me! Thanks for everything! You’re the best!!

The other question I was asked was to explain the muscle spasms. Well…if you’ve never has a spasm, I’m not sure you’ll understand but I’ll try. Around my rib cage and a little below I’ll have a moment when a muscle seems to grab or tighten and it takes my breath away. Then it’s gone. It’s not constant but too often for sure. Somethings (Thursday and Friday usually) it’s more and faster and it seems deeper. The doctor assures me it’s just from the Tazol (Chemo drug) and when chemo over it will go away. The problem is that I go every Monday now. I don’t have a down week to recover. Do it seems to be adding up and I’m having a very hard time by Friday even standing up to dress. But I do!

Oh and I ran into one of Rylee’s Boy Scout leaders today. He was having his first treatment. They found out about a month ago that he has liver and pancreatic cancer. He’s for a rough road ahead of him. But he hugged me and we took a picture together. So if you don’t mind, please pray for my friend Seth.

So my blessings for today were to see Seth today and let him know we are praying for him and his family and of course Michelle my chaperone and meal train driver! You’re awesome!

Be blessed,




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