Transfusion day…

So let me go back a few days.

October 13th my family put together a fundraiser called kickin for a cure. There were 5 teams who played for 5 hours and the winners got a medal. The winners!

The event was. Started of by a performance from Acrofitness.

My son Joey introducing Acrofittness and thanking everyone for coming.Joey introducing me and thanking everyone for coming to support me! Acrofittness doing their thing.Acro and my family.

There were raffles and vendors and a food and ice cream truck.

After the games the raffles were drawn and that was fun. I won a car wash and a necklace. And these were the people responsible for it all.

I love these people more then my life. This is why I fight and why I will win!

After the tournament my best friends daughter had gifted me with a family photo session and because we were all going to be together on the day we decided to do pictures today. We didn’t get dressed up we all look just like this and that’s ok with me. Great memories were made that day! I’ll get the pictures back in a couple of weeks. Then we went to O’ Charlie’s for dinner. 16 of us! By the time I got home I did a short blog but never published on Facebook. So I’m making up for it now.

October 14th I went to work. It was an ok day. I slept through the night which isn’t normal for me but was welcomed! Sunday at work was busy but the day went by fast. Then we stopped at KFC for dinner and took it home. The we I’m speaking of is myself and my best friend Sue who came down for the tournament and to be with me for my next chemo treatment. On to the next day…

October 15th was chemo at 10. By bff Sue and I left the house early to get apple slices, cheese and nuts for our day. We also ran by Hobby Lobby to get wool yarn to make our own dryer balls. Off to Lake Norman Oncology. First we meet with Dr. K who suggest my anemia is way too low and he really thinks I need a transfusion. And he told me all the benefits in comparison to how I’m feeling now. So I said ok. They called and arranged everything. Then he took me back for my treatment. Rick was my nurse and he’s very good. He got me started right away. I are a few apples and some cheese and when he gave me the Benadryl I bid Sue good night and I’d see her soon! I was out. Boy was I thankful she was there because she told me when I woke up that we had to go to the hospital for type and cross match so I could go the next day for my transfusion. So we went to LNRMC for that then to the store to pick up food for my dad and of course delivering the food. It was his birthday and he was mad that we weren’t staying for dinner. But we told him Sue and I would be be back in a little while. We ran home and Carmen from Church had delivered dinner. Terry had to leave to pick up Rylee from Drivers Ed and Sue and I ran to Bruster’s to get dad a chocolate peanut butter ice cream in a waffle bowl and went to celebrate his birthday with him. We ate our ice cream, changed his sheets and told him we would be taking him out to dinner this weekend wish seemed to perk him up a little. Home to wind down and get some sleep.

Me and me BFF Sue!

October 16 and we have been at the hospital since 9:30am to get 2 units of blood. I think I have about an hour to go. This is my nurse and my new blood.

Patty my transfusion nurse! And my new blood behind us.

My new blood.

And in a few minutes I’ll be getting out of here…so my blessings for these last few days and too numerous to count but at the top of that list is definitely family and friends AND so many strangers who came out to support me on this fights! I love you all!

Be blessed,




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