Wonderful weekend away!

Terry, Rylee and I had a great weekend away. We have been attending Prepper Camp in Salina, NC for 4 years now and have learned so much to help us as a family if we find ourselves in a grid down situation. Are we completely prepared? No! Are we heading in the right direction. Yes we are. Now I’m not talking about a Zombie apocalypse. I’m talking about if Florence had hit my house and I lost electricity for a while. Would I have enough food, water and supplies for my family and animals. I would have been pretty close!

This year I was a vendor at the event with my SBH coffee. The lady I was next too was giving classes on how to ferment vegetables. I really didn’t think I’d like the way her carrots and cabbage taste but omg was it good. I guess the chemo has redesigned my taste buds. Her name is Suzanne and we talked a lot about fermenting, herbs as medicine and forging. Now I’m no farm girl but I will tell you that forging intrigues me. I love looking for and finding treasures God has provided for us everywhere. Take the pecan trees in my yard. I LOVE going out with an empty bucket and filling it up with free food! And now I’ve found out that most of the weeds in my yard aren’t really weeds but medicines! I’m tickled to death! Like I said, it was a fun weekend. It always is!

Today I had a chemo appointment and was chaperoned by Kathy Mangan…darn I forgot to get our picture! Anyway. Our first stop was to see NP Karen. She said after my over the top reaction to the Taxol last time the doctor said he’d like to try and lower the dose, do every Monday and extend it 10 weeks. 😳 Talk about taking the wind out of my sails. Here I thought I had 3 more treatments and I have 10 to go. She explained that the side effects would be much easier to handle and that if it didn’t work we could try the sister drug to the Taxol. So I agreed to try. I wasn’t happy about it but I figure they know what their doing!

To the back we go. Today my nurse is Rick. He’s very nice and was very busy so we sat there a bit. He finally came to access my port and took blood. Shortly he came back and said it was fine and started my cocktail. Within 3 or 4 minutes I told Kathy to go run her errands and I’d see her when she got back. About an hour later, she woke me up with my lunch (a club sandwich from Big Bitz) It was really good but the fries I couldn’t eat. Fries seem to choke me these days. We finished our lunch, my chemo bag was almost done and we were walking out around 2pm. Fastest treatments date…but I still don’t want to come 9 more weeks!

Today Terry and Rylee came home from Boy Scouts really late. Terry was visible upset. They got some bad news that I really can’t share at this time about a scout leader who needs our prayers. Please join me. God knows who he is.

My blessing for today was a quick appointment and good company even though I slept most of the time! Thanks again Kathy!

Be blessed,




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