Second Mini Treatment

My week was up an down. The weekend away was nice but it was back to reality Monday. I was ok most of Tuesday, I slept most of Wednesday and had to work the rest of the week.

So here we are today with another mini chemo treatment at 1pm… shoot, I’ve got all morning…let’s get our nails done. Yay Aaron has an opening at 10:20. I’ll be there. All was well. I ran a few errors. And then headed for home. KC was my chaperone for the day so I went home to get my chemo bag together and to walk Jack…(yes we have acquired another dog.) KC pulls into my driveway and as soon as I stepped off the porch to get in her car, I was sick. Like holding it back sick. She talking to me but I just thinking please don’t throw up in this woman’s car!

We get there, I check in and within 5 minutes, we were called back to get weight, vitals and to see the doctor. He asked me how I was and I told him I’m tired and I want to throw up. He asked me why and I told him as soon as I got in the car I felt sick. And I’m not kidding if you suggest something to me like this anticipatory nausea. My head says ok, let’s do to. I need some positive suggestions please! He suggested I take one of my pills before coming in to relax me, so we’ll try it next week. He also said if the fatigue continues to be a problem they will need to do a blood transfusion. Oh joy. He said I am anemic but not because of low iron, just because my blood cells are not producing the way they should because of the chemo. And said it’s pretty normal.

Back at the corral, my regular seat was taken and they were FULL. Only 2 seats available so I chose one and we sat down. A new nurse came over and introduced herself to me, I think she said her name was Darlene. I don’t remember. She accessed my port, drew blood and said she would be back in about 10 minutes. And she was. She was back with my steroid, my Benadryl and something for reflux but I don’t remember what she called it. And 1 2 3 in they all go. I told KC I’d see her on the other side and it was lights out for me. Next thing I know it’s almost 4 o’clock and she is cleaning me up and we removing the needle. I’m done! I go to the bathroom while KC packs up all my stuff and we head to the appointment desk in the front. My appointments are made for the next three weeks, thank you Frank! And out the door we went. KC brings me home and grabs her pan (she made me homemade chicken noodle soup) I give her a hug and off to bed I went. Around 7:30 I tried to eat the soup but it just wasn’t going down! I think I was afraid if I had something in my stomach I was going to throw it up. Maybe tomorrow.

I’m feeling better now. It’s almost 8:30and I’m having peanut butter on graham crackers with milk in the rocks!

I’ll do better about keeping you posted on my week I just was not feeling very good last week.

Today I’m thankful that I got to get my nails done and I’m thankful for KC’s company. My prayer is that I’m not losing my mind, That I’m not going crazy with all of this suggestive BS that I seem to be picking up. Get behind me Satan!

And don’t forget if you’re in the Mooresville area, Saturday is our fundraiser kickin for a cure put on by my kids. It’s a kickball tournament and they’ll be drawings for raffles prizes, vendor booth, acro fitness will be there, there will be pizza truck and there will be an ice cream truck and there will be a me, so come by and see us!

Be blessed,




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