I went to work today.

It probably wasn’t the best idea but I’m not making money at home. The day wasn’t too bad. I was still a little bit queasy, but I did OK. It’s the muscle spasms and the fatigue that was killing me. I’ll be calling the oncologist tomorrow to see if this is what my last 3 treatments are going to be like. Elaine said they were going to change something but I don’t remember what.

I started the day off starving and ordered a ham and cheese omelette from Corin’s café. It was ok but nothing taste good to me right now. I ate what I could! The morning was a little slow and I was grateful. As the day went on I saw more people come through. I was glad when 5pm rolled around. I picked up a few things for my dad and delivered them. Then home to eat another bowl of chicken noodle soup. Someone brought for the family to eat and I think I’ve eaten almost all of it. It was homemade and really good! Now I’m in bed to read some email and get some sleep.

My blessing for today was having my boys home safe from their hiking trip.

B blessed,




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