New kinda chemo

Well Monday I received my first of 4 doses of Taxol. I didn’t do much research on this drug but “heard” it was milder and didn’t cause the nausea the other 2 did. I read there might be joint pain and some muscle discomfort. Ok I can handle that. Some ibuprofen should take care of that. Boy was I wrong. I’ll take you through my last 4 days.

Tuesday usually isn’t too bad because I’m still on a chemo high. I was surprised that toward the end of the day I was feeling sick. To the point that I need to take the nausea meds. I went to bed around 10. I still felt like I was a winner. Nothing I couldn’t handle.

Wednesday I woke up around 3am with awful pain in my knees and ankles. And I was achy like I had the flu. As the day went on I started having little sharp pains from like my rib cage down. The best way to describe it was to say I felt like a voodoo doll in a mad beehive. Little stings all over with no rhyme or reason. On the top of me middle toe, in my vagina, my hip, behind my knee, up and down both legs, IN my rectum and the bottom of my feet. Ibuprofen (800mg) and Tylenol wasn’t touching it. Terry went to work and Rylee to school and I laid in bed wondering how long this was going to last. Terry sent me a text to see how I was doing and I tried to explain what was going on but I really didn’t know how to explain it. I told him I had a couple of the pain killers left from when I had a tooth pulled and I was going to take one. He said good idea and he’d call me later. Well, I took it and 3 Benadryl and fell asleep. Buy the time he got home it was wearing off and coming back with a vengeance. It almost felt like I was in labor. The pain was really unbearable. I tried to eat dinner with them but could only eat a little. I came to my room, took another pain pill and went back to bed. I was awake again in the middle of the night and took 3 more Benadryl and went back to sleep.

Thursday morning Terry came in to check on me. I was curled in a ball and trying not to cry. I promised him I’d call the oncologist as soon as they opened. I’d taken the last pain killer I had and fell back to sleep. When I woke up around 9 I called and left a message. My bff Sue had text me and I was trying to explain to her what I was feeling and the voodoo doll beehive deal was the best I could do. I heard back from my doctors nurse, I explained as best as I could what was going on and she said she’d talk to the doctor and call me back. In the mean time Melanie text to see if I was able to pick up the kids from school and I told her what was going on and that I still haven’t heard from the doctor. I’m not sure what time that was but she told me she was going to go by the oncologist office and find out what was going on. I’m not real sure what she said or how it was presented but whatever happened, she got 2 Rx to take to my pharmacy. One was for a steroid and one was for a pain killer. Only problem was she had to drop it off at the pharmacy, bring Rylee home and take Lia to the doctor. So she called Terry to go get the prescriptions when he got off work. By this time I was so tense and in so much pain I really thought I was going to die. Terry got home around 5:15 and brought me the meds. I had asked Rylee to fix me some toast because I hadn’t eaten anything since that morning. I got a piece down and took the meds and 3 Benadryl and tried to relax. That was the hard part but I finally fell asleep. Terry came back in around 10:30 to give me another round of meds to get me through the night. And I went right back to sleep. Everything was feeling better.

Friday, I woke up with the meds wearing off. It was about 5:15 so I got up to go potty and Terry was packing his lunch. He asked how I was and I said I felt more relaxed but the pain was coming back. He said he’d make me some oatmeal so I could take the meds but I got up and made a bowl so he could get ready for work. I ate the oatmeal, took the meds and went back to sleep until about 1:30. I took 2 more pain killers, got dressed and ate a little bowl of soup. I tried to do a little bit around the house but I didn’t get too far. At about 3 Joey (eldest son) came in with Lia and Terry came home with Rylee. They were supposed to be heading out to a Boy Scout hike but the guide was needing to leave later then they planned. We visited with Joey and I was soon left with Lia. She was so sweet and wanted to take care of me. She wanted a peanut butter bread but couldn’t make it so I did and got her a drink. Most of the rest of the day I laid on the sofa while she colored and talked to me about everything under the sun. Lol By about 4 PM I was feeling hungry and I text Joe (son-in-law) to see what he was going to have for dinner. He told me he wasn’t hungry but if I wanted something he would stop and pick it up. I was feeling a little bit like Burger King and at 5:30 he walked through my door with my dinner. I managed to eat almost all of the hamburger and a few of the fries but I couldn’t get anything more down. Joe and Lia left I guess at about 630 I finished up some papers that I was printing on the computer, took my meds and came to bed. Then I realized I forgot to blog so here I am. So because I need to try to go to work tomorrow I need to go to bed. I’m sorry this was so long. Please pray me to work tomorrow.

By blessing for the past few days was how my family pulled together to help me get through the hell I was going through. Thank you everyone! I love you!

Be blessed,




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