I just sat here and typed out my blog and hit post and it’s gone. I don’t even remember what I said. Something about being off all weekend and spending time with my family. How I’ve been feeling ok but not great. I mentioned that Florence had arrived and was more of a pussy cat than a lion. I spoke of my back yard that is now a swamp and my goofy Aussies, one who doesn’t care what it’s doing out because there something to chase up a tree and the other who won’t go out without a human and when she done she done.

It’s was short but not this short but I’m tired and I need to go to bed! I’ll catch you up tomorrow. I start a new drug and I’m really anxious about it. Back to not knowing again and sick to my stomach! I think a couple of G-Clear are in order and off to bed.

My blessing for today was spending time with Terry. It doesn’t happen very often!

Check back tomorrow!

Be blessed,




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