Treatment #5…

You know when they say it doesn’t effect most people in a negative way. Well I have never been “most people”! It seems this new Chemo I’m taking doesn’t make people sick like the last 2 I was taking. On top of that my doctor says he thinks I definitely have Anticipatory Nausea. He asked me what triggered the gagging and I told him the popsicle sticks left on the table at home, the smell when I walk in the building, texting with my companion about pick up time for the day. He said he can give me an anti anxiety medication, put I told him I would see what happens. But just writing about it and I’m not doing so good.

The day started with Kat picking me up at 9:30am. Kat and I met through her husband, Chris, who is in the SBH business with me. She’s very sweet but I felt bad that I felt so bad and that we were there so long! Here’s Kat and I.

She was good company and I found out we have a lot in common. That’s what makes friendship fun.

We got to the appointment about 15 minutes early and still didn’t get called back until about 10:30. But it’s because my doctor will stay with you and talk to you as long as you need him. One of the reasons I love him. He asks a lot of questions and will tell you his true thoughts on what he thinks is going on. We got back to the chemo area and choose our spot. My normal spot was take so we had to pick another spot. Rick, a new nurse came to access my port and then another nurse came to take me to see the doctor. Then off for my toxic cocktail.

My meds started out with a steroid and a stout dose of Benadryl. It was just a few minutes and I felt like I was drunk or high. My speech was slurred, I knew I couldn’t walk and the lady sitting across from me had on a geographic 3D shirt. AND then the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate. But I can’t walk! So someone got me a wheel chair for a little butt 🙄 and I got my not so little butt in the chair and out the door we go. Everyone from the office, all doctors, nurses and patients went out back to the shade because most of the meds dripping into our bodies can’t get hot. I over heard someone say that anyway. We were out there about 20 minutes and it was over. I guess someone said they could smell smoke so they had to act on it.

Back inside and I’m just not feeling good. It was almost like motion sickness or morning sickness. Most of the time I’m just on the verge of throwing up. Then came the new chemo and it was going to take 3.5 hours to complete. I forgot to take my Restless Leg Syndrome Rd before I got there and my legs were going nuts. Then Madison tells me the Benadryl will heighten the restless leg problem so although I was so tired my legs were driving me nuts. I think I slept some but I really didn’t want to leave Kat alone. I’m not sure why I feel like I have to entertain everyone. She was so sweet and because she an ER nurse she was excited to see how things are done some place else. I’m glad she came with me!

I was home a little after 4. Ms. Leslie brought us an amazing dinner. I ate a few bites but my stomach was still bothering me. It’s almost 10 and I think I could eat it now but I won’t. It’s too late. I’ll just eat my peach! Yummmmm. Thank you Leslie. It really help to know my men are getting fed and I don’t have to worry about it.

My blessing for today was spending time and getting to know Kat better. Thanks Kat for keeping me company today! I hope you weren’t too board!

Be blessed,




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