It’s been a busy week.

Monday I was supposed to have a scan to see if the tumor was shrinking but when I got there it had never been ordered. I called my doctor and she said she wanted to wait until the end of all my treatments. I was very confused but ok. I had also scheduled and free workshop (if I could get there in time) called Look Good, Feel Better . It’s through the American Cancer Society I believe. I made it on time. 🙄 There were 6 of us and we were all given a bag with $200 + worth of high end, full size makeup. I got Oil of Olay moisturizer, IT under eye concealer, Clinique cream base make up, Mary Kay loose powder, L’Oreal blush, Maybelline mascara, Neutrogena eye shadow and a brow pencil, a lip liner, 2 lip sticks and 3 beautiful make up brushes. Now I don’t wear all that make up but it was fun to be pampered for a couple of hours. One lady taught us how to apply all the make up and the other lady showed us different ways to use a scarf or wrap for our balding heads. One lady who came in with nothing on her bald head walked out with a stunning wig. It really changed the way she looked! It was a nice diversion for a few hours.


I’m not sure where to go with tonight’s post. It’s not been a very good week. I’m having some problems but I’m not sure how to share them. It’s been 8 days since my last chemo and I’m still not feeling good. I’m still taking meds for nausea, I’m super tired all the time, I can’t eat much and I’ve got a new hemorrhoid. They are a trio now. 💩 ing has become a task I dread but on top of all that, I’ve developed open sores in my girly area. So now it hurts to go pee pee. I’ll be calling my oncologist in the morning because there is no comfortable way for me to sit in a chair and I have to go back to work in the morning. It just kinda popped up this afternoon. I’m wondering if all my orifices needed popsicles. Oooooo just the word made me gag! I’ll see what the doctor has to say tomorrow. I don’t know how I’m going to work tomorrow. Sitting hurts but walking REALLY hurts! Ok enough about orifices!

Please be smart where this storm is concerned. If you live in NC, SC, GA and even VA and TN, be prepared for the worst and celebrate when it doesn’t happen. Yesterday we were on the back side of the storm with 3 to 5 inches possible and today we are on the front side of the storm with 8+ inches and extremely high winds expected. I’m a bit of a storm freak and I’m looking forward to it but I’m also very prepared. We have food for at least 7 days, 30 gallons of water for cooking, drinking and bathing. We have an awesome first aid kit, flash lights and batteries and a generator. The only things I’m worried about is all the stuff in our yard that could become airborne and the 100 year old Pin Oak trees that are in my neighbors yards. But I guess that’s why we buy insurance. So for goodness sake, be prepared and be smart!

My blessing for today was my nail and pedicure appointment that let me relax and unwind! Aaron always takes good care of me!

Be blessed,




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