5 days later…

… and I’m still feeling sick. I’m a little surprised at how long this has taken to get out of my system this time. I guess as it builds up in my body, it hangs on longer. This time I’ve been so much more nauseous. To the point that for 2 days I just slept and drank lots of water! I’m also noticing the dehydration of my lips and my skin is worse! I can’t get enough to drink and lotion just soaks in and is gone. Also, my eyes are matted when I wake up. I’ve never had this much crap in my eyes and of course as I try to get it out of my lashes, I’m pulling them out. It’s always something but it hasn’t been anything really serious so I guess I’m good.

I had to work the last 2 days because there was no coverage. I will admit it wasn’t easy. I just wanted to sleep. I was able to take one of my nausea pills but not the one that makes me dizzy. So I did the best that I could. Yesterday was hard because it was a very busy day and I couldn’t get the nausea under control. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I did get to put my head down a couple of times but for the most part, I just had to do my job. Today was a really slow day. It was quiet and that was ok and I did take a 30 minute nap during my lunch.

Over the past 2 days I also got to visit with my cousin Bryan, his wife Julie and Maverick, the little boy they’re raising. I’m afraid I wasn’t very good company and I felt bad but they both understand. I stayed up as long as I could before I had to crash. I love you both! Maybe next time will be better!

Tonight we attended a Pet Life Celebration at our local Funeral Home. When our Cutter died over 5 years ago the people at Pet Pilgrimage helped us through a morning process we weren’t ready to face. Tonight we made a luminary in Cutter’s honor and everyone there released a dove balloon for the fur baby they were missing. It was beautiful!

Well, nothing much going on. I’ll continue to write when I can. If you’re not hearing from me either there’s nothing to write about or I can’t. If you have a question, please ask. Some days I feel like I’m rambling. Like today.

Terry and Rylee were off camping and learning preparedness things for unsavory situations and thank goodness with what’s hanging out in the Atlantic. Please don’t wait until you can’t help yourself to help yourself! I know people laugh at my family because we call ourselves Prepper’s, but when something bad happens we have thing in place to see us through. Things you might consider gathering would be a generator, saws, shovels, 1 gallons of water per day for each person/pet in your house, extra gas, an extra tank of propane, freeze dried food, extra dog and cat food in zip lock bags, peanut butter, jerky, canned goods, cereal, powered milk, dried fruit, power bars, tarps, rope, a camp stove, EXTRA prescription meds, solar cell phone chargers. AND don’t forget to fill up your bath tub and keep a bucket close by. Use this water to flush your toilet because you’re not going to want to keep that sitting in your HOT house any longer then it has too. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

My blessing these last couple of days was having family come visit and having them understand that I wasn’t at my best and it didn’t matter.

Be blessed,




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