Last chemo double dose

I am so thankful to say this was the last double devil dose of chemo for me. I’m half way there! Each treatment has been different and unfortunately I think I’ll never eat a popsicle again! I was telling my nurses Denise and Madison that just the thought of eating the popsicles for the last 2 treatments was making me gag. I was kind of embarrassed to say anything but the feeling was so real. So much so that I even changed the flavor from Peach (my fav) to Strawberry this time to see if it made a difference. Just sitting here thinking about it makes me gag. Well Denise tells me there’s a name for this. It’s called Anticipatory Nausea. Ha, I’m not crazy. So I went to the web to see if she knew what she was talking about and it turns out she did. I Googled Anticipatory Nausea and the webpage came up. The information was really helpful and put my mind at ease knowing I’m not the only one. As a matter of fact it says 1 in 3 people experience Anticipatory Nausea and Vomiting (ANV). Go look it up. The mind is so freaking powerful. Just knowing what this drug was going to do to me made me sick before I would actually fill sick. Why the popsicle was the trigger, I have no idea. I just hope one day it goes away!

This is MY friend Heather. She was my chemo companion today. Ive known Heather since she was in middle school and love her like a daughter. She’s my son Joey’s best friend. It was good to spend time with her and catch up on her and her family. She a pretty special lady! Thanks Heather for taking care of me! I love you!

Coming home, I sat on the sofa and napped off and on. Our friend Michelle put together a meal train and tonight she was cooking dinner for my family. (I would have called out for Pizza delivery). Michelle brought a salad, dressing, bread, short ribs in gravy and Rosemary potatoes. OOOOOOHHHHHH and chocolate ice cream! I got my chocolate Heather! Thank you so much Michelle. I did eat a little because the food Nazi (Terry) told me I couldn’t have any ice cream and less I ate some protein. So I did!

It’s late, I’m not feeling so good. Another friend brought me some Hemp Oil and when I tried it today I wasn’t a fan of the taste but I’m going to give it a few squirts under my tongue before bed to see if it helps with the nausea. I might have to chase it with a beer! Good night and sweet dreams.

My blessing for today was of course Heathers company and the laughter. And the wonderful meal Michelle fixed us tonight! I love you both!

Be blessed,




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