Best day yet.

So today was my best day since last Wednesday when the chemo took me down the dark path called “what’s happened to my world”? I felt good when I got up this morning, took a shower, got ready and attempted to be in Huntersville at 10:30. It’s only 17 miles from my house and should take about 30 minutes or less. But not this time. I get to I77 and Langtree and the traffic going south is stopped. So I do a U-turn to go the back road and realize several people have decided to do the same. I had already call the Toyota service department to tell them I was running about 10 minutes late and now I had to call them again to make sure they would take me if I’m 30 minutes late. They said yes come on in. So I’m running all the back road I know of and arrive at 11:02. I told the guy I was sorry for being late AND late for getting the maintenance check and he was very kind. Rylee had gone off to scout out the car lot and I sat down and crocheted. It took just about an hour and we were done and on our way to have lunch with Kathy at Cafe 100. She had a burger, Rylee had a wrap and I had chicken salad on grilled sourdough…yes it was delicious! It’s always nice to catch up with you Kathy and thank you again for lunch!

She had to go to an appointment and I was being called to the Tuesday Morning. There are always fun finds in this store! But luckily for my pocketbook I started feeling really tired and was ready to go home for a nap before dinner. But I had a return to take back to JoAnn’s and had to get something for dinner. I realized I still had my daughter car seat and so we went to the Neighborhood Market where she works to get some burger for meatloaf and to give Mel back Lia’s seat. We weren’t there very long but I was wiped out. We drove home and I helped Rylee put the meatloaf together and I went to lay down while he got it ready and put it in the oven. I asked him to just let me sleep about 20. minutes so I could fix the rest of dinner.

After dinner Terry and Rylee took my old washer and dryer out and replaced it with my dads set. There’s a guy Terry works with who’s dryer just broke so he offered him the old set. I guess I fell asleep because before I knew it it was all out of the house and they were getting ready to bring in the others. I quickly cleaned the floor and went back to the sofa. I did t feel bad, just tired. I’d have to say outside if the steroid induced day after chemo, this has been the best day I’ve had so far. I’m so grateful to finally have a good day. Even with the nausea, I’m going to try to find something good about my day, EVERYDAY!

Side note: On my Facebook post yesterday I said how much Rylee has helped me while I’m home and Terry’s at work. Well, his brother Joey posted a thank you to Rylee for being there for me and he said he was proud of him. This really touched Rylee and made him feel good! Then his sisters Melanie and Brittney posted like comments. Thanks for doing that guys, I could see the confidence in him all day today. Sometimes just a few kind words of affirmation is all it takes to make some ones day!

So now it’s almost 10:30. I’ve taken a couple of G-Clear to relax and get a good nights sleep for Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work I go tomorrow!

Y’all be blessed!




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