Yesterday and today.

It’s been an interesting couple of days. Monday I went to work. I felt ok during the day and had to go finish cleaning my dads to be done with it forever! I met Terry and Rylee there and we ate Subway together before they went to Boy Scouts. They left and I finished and left as well. I ran an errand and headed to the Verizon store to get Terry a new phone. He had a 5s it was having issues so I got him a 7. By the time I got home I was ready for bed but waited for them to get home. Terry worked on backing up his old phone and We sat talking about our days and what’s coming up and I totally forgot to write my blog. By the time he went to bed, I was ready to go to bed too and it just slipped my mind.

One thing that did happen yesterday was I got a call from my nurse navigator. She was just checking up on me. Oh maybe I should explain what a nurse navigator is. “They are a registered nurse with, in my case, oncology specific clinical knowledge who offer individualized assistance to patients, families and care givers to overcome healthcare system barriers.” At least that’s what the internet says and what that means I do t know. Molly is my nurse navigator and I met her the day I went to see the surgeon. She introduced herself and gave me a folder with some information and places to find help and her phone number. She said to call her anytime with any questions. She was at the hospital the day my port was put in too. Then yesterday she called to check on me since I’d just had my first treatment. So I told her how I’d been feeling. Monday and Tuesday I was fine but everyday since I’ve not felt to go. Wednesday and Thursday was awful, Friday and Saturday I worked but was not feeling good after work and through the night. Saturday night and Sunday early I got no sleep and my stomach was churning. Molly said that all sounded pretty on target. She said with the high dose of steroids I was given pre-chemo, I was probably feeling really good Monday and Tuesday…but it was also the reason I couldn’t sleep for a few nights. She said most of the people she’s dealt with have had bouts with nausea for several days after chemo. Some 7 to 10 days. But she said I might be dehydrated too and I should drink lots of fluids and very little caffeine. Last night I didn’t sleep much either and today was the day I was going over to help my dad hang pictures and go to lunch with him. Oh and his favorite past time…Walmart to watch the people while I shop.

It wasn’t a bad morning. I wasn’t 100% but not too bad. Rylee and I delivered honey and headed to my dads place. We took in a bunch of stuff and hung several pictures. Then it was time for lunch. Dad wanted Italian so we went to Pomodoros across from Walmart. What they didn’t know was Lia was coming to join us. She hasn’t been with me for 3 weeks and I was excited she was coming to spend the day with me. Dad and Rylee ate pasta, Lia had a mini pizza and I had a sub. By the end of lunch I wasn’t feeling so hot. It’s almost like motion sickness. But we went to Walmart anyway to get what dad needed. ⚠️ Well, 1/2 way through our shopping trip I started getting that churning stomach I told you about the other night and took off for the bathroom. NOTHING😡 We finished and took my dad home. I wasn’t feeling good at all! I sat in his apartment until I felt better and then Rylee, Lia and I went to Publix. In the middle of Publix wham again and off to find the bathroom…NOTHING AGAIN!😤😡😤 I asked Rylee if he would fix dinner tonight and he said yes. He found a recipe card for bbq chicken, got all the ingredients came home and as I relaxed, he made blueberry bbq sauce and grilled chicken breast and 2 skewers of veggies we found pre prepared. I really did t feel like eating but OMG was it good. The chicken was tender and juicy and I did manage to eat a little bit of chicken. Thanks Rylee, it really was amazing! So as I finish this blog, it’s almost 9pm and I’m just really tired so I’ll proof this and say good night and thanks for checking in. I hope someone reads this thing. I said the other day, I’ve never had anyone in my life who had breast cancer and I was part of their journey, so I’m learning as I go. So I’d say if this blog helps just one person then it’s done what I set out to do. If you’re following this blog I’d love to know I’m not wasting my time!

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers for my family through this time. And as always,

be blessed,




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