First day after chemo

It’s in the books. It’s 10:40pm and I have had a very good day. Compared to all the horror stories I’ve heard about the day after chemo, I’m in shock. I truly have to chock it up to your prayers for me. I was told to expect to feel sick and tired and not be able to eat much because everything would taste metallic…and none of it happened. I didn’t sleep very good but that could be because if the stout steroid I was given before treatment. And I had a headache most of the night until I finally got up and took something. All in all today was a good day!

Rylee was my companion all day just in case things did go south. Our first stop was to my favorite jewelry store, Jewelers On Main, to get some earrings repaired. Well me being the woman I am, I had to look around too. They have a case of old silver jewelry. In that case was a very dirty and tarnished Miraculous Medal. I asked if I could see it and Brandon brought it out. He didn’t know how old it was but knew it was from Italy. It was different and I’ve been looking for something different for years. I asked the price and he said it was their gift to me for what I’m going through. Yes I cried a little and hugged him real big! Allen the owner cleaned it up for me and put it on my chain with my St. Peregrine medal. Wanna see it?

Isn’t it beautiful. I wish I had a before picture, the only thing you could see was the blue. I am so blessed.

Our next stop was at the St. Therese Catholic Church where we dropped off 4 huge bags of clothes for their annual rummage sale. August 3rd is a pre sale for $5 donation from 4pm to 8pm. August 4th is free to get in and starts at 7:30am to 12pm with a $5 fill your bag sale from 12:30pm to 1pm. We have found some amazing things at these sales. We go every year! If you have any things you just want to get rid of, here’s your chance. Let me know and I’ll give you the ladies number.

Our next stop was at our pharmacy HealthSmart off of Williamson Rd. Doug Balog is the owner and a friend and he sells our honey. Rylee and I dropped off several cases of honey and spent a few minutes talking to Doug. He said he liked my hair. I think I’m getting use to it! Thanks Doug. Doug was Rylee’s baseball coach for a couple of years and we’ve always liked doing business with him with our prescriptions and our honey! Nice people!

Next stop was Walmart for just a few things and we got a few laughs at a really rude lady who “needed some gel”. I guess I was in her way and she got huffy with me so I tried to move and the same time someone else got in her way. Her response was just funny to Rylee and I. I guess you had to be there. Facial expressions were priceless!

Our last stop was at the oncologist office for a shot to boost my white blood cell count. I got to go back and see Madison and I gave her a token with a Daisy on it telling her she was special. She was really surprised and gave me a huge hug. She couldn’t believe how well I was doing and was excited for me. We visited a few minutes and we left. On the drive home I told Rylee I was feeling tired and I wanted to lay down for just an hour. When I got up we went to Cicis pizza for dinner. The people who worked there were so rude. No smiles, no eye contact and the food was awful. Why Ive been craving Cicis I have no idea. Lol yes I do…it’s the cinnamon rolls. Darn good thing they were good. We won’t go back again though. Then I checked their google rating and it was 2.4. Enough said!

We ended the evening at my dads house picking up a few things and getting ready for the Church to pick up what’s left. I can’t wait to be finished with that place. It’s almost done.

So thank you for your prayers. They are working! Please keep them coming! So many blessings today and you are one of them! So I pray that you will…

Be blessed,




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