First day of chemotherapy.

When I woke up this morning, my stomach hurt and I just wanted to cry. I guess it was a good thing I over slept because I didn’t have time to cry. I fried some bacon and ate a sandwich on the way here. We got here at around 10:45 and saw Karen the PA and another nurse for my vitals. Then back to the chemo room. I was going to take a picture but the place was pretty full and I wasn’t going to post pictures of strangers. Then Brandy came and accessed my port and drew blood. Finally it was just Terry and I and he said are you ok and I started to cry, and so did he. We got a blessing when a group of kids from camp at Bethel Presbyterian in Huntersville (rising 5th and 6th graders) came in with cases of ginger ale and snacks and a little gift for each person.

Inside there are ginger and peppermint teas, mints, cough drops and a card for a free milkshake. This also made us both cry.

My company for this session.

Madison came by a few minutes ago and went over my blood work. She said everything looked really good. About noon she started my nausea medicine and a steroid. Here is Madison. She’s a sweetheart!

She’s very sweet and has explained everything to us and stayed as long as we had questions. It’s 12:31pm now and we are just waiting for the nausea meds to get in and then she’ll start the chemo. So now we wait.

It’s 2pm and Madison just “PUSHed” in “The Red Devil” aka: Adriamycin which by the way is going to make me pee red! Pictures to follow…lol

It was a three popsicle process! This drug causes mouth sores but if you eat or suck on something cold before during and after it keeps the sores from coming. The small things can be big things when you’re going through this crap. I got to eat 3 peach Outshine popsicles. YES…I’ve been a very good girl! That process took about 20 minutes from the first popsicle to the last. This is Madison pushing in the Adramycin:

Three popsicles was a shock to my sensitive teeth. It was hurting up into my sinuses. Thank goodness for Tylenol. It took about 30 minutes but it has calmed down. At about 2:20 Madison started the second type of chemo called Cytoxan. It will take about 30 minutes to complete and I’ll get to go home. I’m ready!

Notice I’m using my new blanket Margaret! I love it!

We finished around 3 pm and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be of course, but most of the bad stuff comes after the treatment. I’ll let you know how I am later and in the next couple of days. But of course you’ll be reading it all at one time.

We came home and cooked an early dinner and now we are going to print labels so I can deliver honey tomorrow…I hope!

It’s after 8pm and the boys have been at Boy Scouts. I have been texting family and friends but I’m loosing toe awake battle and need to fine my way to my bed.

I don’t know if this has been helpful at all. I hope you could tell that it was emotional for both of us. We had a few time were humor found its way in and then the delicious 3peach popsicles were important but ended up KILLING my teeth? Next time I’ll take 2 Tylenol before the frozen delights and maybe something after too. That really was the worst part. All in all, I’m pleased at the way things went. Everyone was so nice and made sure I was comfortable and that we knew EVERYTHING they were doing and why. Madison even went over everything plus that we might have questions about.

I’m off to bed. Thank you all for your prayers for my family and I. They are felt I promise you. We love you all!

Be blessed,




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