It’s a go…

Today I had my echocardiogram and met with the plastic surgeon. And I’ve learned something through this whole process. When you have breast cancer, there’s no room for being shy. My boobs have been handled and flipped and flopped and folded and twisted and measured and photographed by more people than I care to count. So if I were the least bit shy when this whole thing started, I’m over it now!

The echocardiogram must have gone well because she said I’ll see you in a couple of months. But I have bad news for you! Hearts are really creepy looking on an ultrasound machine! No wonder someone changed them for Valentines Day cards. I can’t even imagine the love that would go wrong if you gave someone a card with a picture of your real heart. I’m sure there are people out there that think they are beautiful, but I’m not one of them. As the technicians was moving the wand over my heart it looked like some funky sea creatures opening and shutting their mouths. I couldn’t tell up from down and she was trying to explain it to me. I just closed my eyes and did what I was told. Thank you to whom ever designed the sweet little ❤️💕💛💜🧡💚💙💕💗💞💖💓💘❣️🖤’s we use today!

Then the plastic surgeon told us what would happen if we chose a lumpectomy after chemo and what would happen if we chose mastectomies after chemo. Both reconstruction events have their ups and downs but I think if at all possible I’m going to keep as much of the ones God gave me as I can. The other option means having implants and I think I’m too old to be worried about that. If this doctor can reconstruct my God given ones then that’s the way we’re going to go. So after 8 treatments of chemo, I’ll go in and have the (hopefully much smaller) lump removed. Then the plastic surgeon will come in and do a slight breast reduction using some of my own tissue and putting it were the lump was removed to make them the same size. He said he will also lift them so they will be perky. Just think, in a year, I’ll be sixty with perky boobs. 😂

The whole process has been a learning experience but after today’s appointments, Monday morning at 10:45am it will be a go. I’m a little nervous but I have so many people praying for me and offering to stand by me I just have no choice but to win this battle. Thank you so much for your continued prayers. It really means the world to me! I’m pooped so I’m keeping this short and going to bed.

I ❤️ you all!

Be blessed,




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