So what should we talk about today? My day was boring at work. I saw 3 people all day and I had 1 phone call. So what do you do on a boring day? You read about how chemo will effect this or that and then you look at wigs and stands to put your wig on. Then you watch YouTube videos on how to put a wig on and how to keep it from blowing off your new slick head. Then you search for the special band the video said you would need to keep the wig or hat or scarf on because you’re not going to have hair to bobby-pin it to. Hey I’m a crafter and I have lots of 2 sided tape…or spray adhesive. Hmmmm Since your looking for a wig gripper, you might as well search for pretty scarves or hats too! I need to find s wig cap but I’m not sure why. I think that’s where I’ll need the 2 sided tape!

My daughters been searching for “free stuff” for people with breast cancer and believe it or not she got me a free wig. AND ITS A RAQUEL WELCH! It’s the perfect color and it almost looks natural…I just didn’t know what I was doing when I put it on. Thank goodness for YouTube, now I’m a pro!

And that’s preprodum! I’ll rock that baby for sure. And it’s called the Goddess…of which I am one. Diana is Goddess of the Moon! I think…๐Ÿค” Anyhow, I just couldn’t believe it was free. I just looked it up and it’s a $322 wig…and Melanie just wrote to someone and got it for free. She had to prove my diagnosis, which is understandable and I got to pick out the style and color. It came in less than a week. She’s been busy because I got a package next for The Lydia Project that has a small canvas page with a prayer journal, a small tissue holder, a tube of lotion and a card to fill out your prayer needs and send it back to the Lydia Project so they can pray for me. Then yesterday I got a box from Lump 2 Laughter and it had a port pillow (it goes on your seatbelt so it doesn’t rub on your port.) Cuz I’m telling you what, that’ll make your butt pucker! It hurts just to have my shirt rub across it… sorry! L2L also sent me a crocheted beanie, a prayer shawl and card telling me they are praying for me. Then today I was looking through the 4 different folders I’ve gotten from each doctors visit and one of them had a little cut out tag that said Good Wishes. They will send you a free scarf. You pick your top 3 and they will send you one. It’s amazing the things that people do for others. I’m really humbled by it all. I’ve been thinking about the selfless acts of love from these strangers. When this is over, I want to do something to give back…but what? Something to think about!

One more thing. I was talking to a friend tonight who has had a bad week. He was down and said this past week or so has been the worse in a long time. Now this man has been through most of the same trainings I’ve been to, where we are trained to make everyday a great day no matter what. But I told him I totally understood. There are just sometimes when stress is going to win over positive thinking. But I know things will get better for him and for me and God will see us both through to the other side of our clouds. I promised I’d pray for him and as soon as I got home tonight and I did just that. We all have our time of cross baring and our time of flourishing. It’s the ebb and flow of life. The trick is to not let the down side consume us. Having faith that this too shall pass is the only way to come back from hard times. It is the sword that is tested in fire that will be the strongest. We will rise up!

Y’all be blessed!




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