The port is in.

Yesterday day wasn’t a real fun day. The first thing to set my day ablaze was at 7:04am I woke up and looked at my phone to see what time it was. There on my phone was a reminder that Rylee had an consult appointment with an oral surgeon at 7:30am. I went running through the house like a crazy woman waking him up, fixing coffee and getting out door in minutes. We were only a few minutes late because I turned right instead of left. As we run in the door, we found the waiting room was full of kids and parents. I’m talking standing room only! After paperwork was filled out, we waited and waited. During my hour and a half of waiting I had a very young single mother sitting next to me who’s favorite words were SH@T and $SSHOLE. I heard her life story and saw almost every picture in her phone. I listened to her and quietly prayed for her. I felt like she was very lonely. She had a 14 month old and told me she was a stay at home mom…living with her parents. I looked at the time and it was almost 9am. Only about 6 kids had been called and we were third from last in the lineup. I had to take Rylee home, change my clothes and get to work by 9:30. I was really upset that they did tell me half the town would be there. So now we are set up for another go at this on the 30th. Anyway, I got Rylee home and ran to work.

My appointment to have my port put in was at 1:30. I was told not to eat anything 4 hours before my appointment. So before I went to work I ate 5 or 6 strawberries just to have something in my stomach before 9:30. I had a cup of coffee at the oral surgeons office that I swapped out for water when I left for work. It was a slow day at work but I had district manager in training there all day. I did almost everything that needed to be done and a coworker came in to relive me at 12:20. I ran home, changed and Terry took me down to Novant (Presbyterian) hospital. We arrived, checked in and it was just minutes before we heard, “Mrs. Pupp”. We went back to a big room with little stalls like an ER. Then they asked me if I’d eaten anything so I told them about the strawberries and told them I had a little bit of peanut butter on a spoon on my way down because I was shaky. (Part hunger, part nerves) Well nurse Laura said they may have to reschedule. No food means no food! 😳 Good heavens, it was less than 1/2 a teaspoon. She had another nurse come in to take my vitals and put in a line for my IV. Then nurse Laura came back to tell me the doctor agreed to put the port in but I couldn’t have one of the HAPPY drugs to relax me in case I were to throw up. BUT they assured me the drugs I will get will keep me from feeling anything. I agreed.

Soon nurse Laura came to tell me there was a delay and put us in a room with 2 recliners and a tv to watch. We got comfy and Terry found the movie The Revenant. And once again we waited and waited. They came to tell us someone had to have something extra done and they were way behind. So we napped and watched the movie. Then nurse Laura came in to say she was leaving because her shift was over but that Kim and Kristine would be in to help me. It was now 4pm and I was starving. We both were!

Finally at 4:20 they took me into the room where they would do the procedure. It seems to take forever to get me ready. They covered me with warm blankets because it was only 63* in there. Then they put a tent over my head and taped off the area where the doctor would be working. They made me turn my head as far as I could turn it to the left because the port was going in on the right side. I was very tense, I’m not going to lie. The next thing I know, something cold is going into my arm and now I’m relaxed. I hear the doctor come in and he asked how I am. I’m just fine. He said ok I’m going to give you a shot to numb your neck and another in the area where the port itself will go. The first shot was like being stung by a bee but didn’t last very long. The second shot seemed to hurt a little more but was gone in seconds. I heard them talking and nurse Kim turned my head farther to the left. Next I felt him pushing on my neck and I could feel something moving in my chest but it didn’t hurt. Then I heard the doctor say something about leaking and I yelled “I’m leaking”? He said oh no I was telling Kristine about a different case. I’m thinking we’ll you shouldn’t be talking about it while your poking and prodding on me. Then I feel a lot of pressure and pushing and I hear him say, there we go, nice job! He said Mrs. Pupp, I’m done except for the stitches, are you ok? I said yes sir, I’m fine. He said, tomorrow you’re going to be sore from the pressure I had to use to get to line in your vein. But it should only be one day.

Before I knew it I was back out in the room with little rooms and she had called Terry to come in with me. They never but me to sleep but I wasn’t feeling any pain. Nurse Kim came in and told me what we needed to do as far as showering and took my vitals once again and it was time to go. It as just after 5pm. Terry pulled up and she took me out to the van. As we were driving away I got a bag of organic Doritos for us to snack on and Terry headed to Chick Fil A. Right after we got on the interstate I felt like I was going to throw up. The traffic was slow and there wasn’t anyplace to pull over so Terry opened the window and said throw up out the window. I had to smile because this guy was riding next to us with his window down. Now that would have been gross! Or funny! Thank goodness the fresh air seemed to make me feel better. Soon we had our Chick Fil A and headed home. I ate what I could and by 7pm the guys had left for Boy Scouts and I was in bed. I slept until 3am and then couldn’t go back to sleep until about 5:30.

I’m sorry this was so long! I hope you never have to deal with this. It really feels better already but it’s sore to touch and it’s weird having something foreign under my skin. Weird alert… I’m posting a picture.

The little incisions on my neck is where the line went down into my vein. The big incision is where the port is placed and where the IV will go when I have to have blood drawn or the chemo drip. It looks like this before it goes I :

And here’s where it goes in the body.

Well again I’m sorry this was so long. I’m just trying to keep people informed. I hope I’m not boring you or grossing you out. I’m trying to keep it light and happy but there wasn’t much to be happy about yesterday. It was a long nerve wracking day! But like I told my son, Joey, I’m one step closer to being healed! Thank you Jesus!

Be blessed,




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