Blessed to tears!

Back in early June I got a message from a friend I haven’t seen in 10+ years. She said she saw the post about my diagnosis and she told me their Church has a quilt ministry and would I like a quilt. I said yes, I would love a quilt and today was the day we met for lunch so she could bring it to me. It was so good to see Margaret and her daughter Shawn and Granddaughter Haley. My daughter Melanie and Granddaughter Lia joined us too. She gave me the quilt and I was excited to see it. When I pulled it out the tears started welling up because there are Daisies on it.

Quick side note: my mother’s favorite flower has always been Daisies. Since the day she died (May 15, 2015) I have seen a Daisy or heard the word Daisy almost everyday. My mom was the only constant thing I had in my life growing up and if ever I wished I could talk to my mom, it’s now!

So when I pulled the quilt out of the bag the tears started flowing. It was like a sign from my mom that she’s with me. It’s not like Margaret or the people who made the quilt knew my mom or about the Daisies. It was a very special moment.

Then Margaret showed me the back of the blanket. There in a little square was my name and the date the quilt was made (June 2018), what number quilt it was and the name of the Church and address! Then she told be about the knots tied all over the quilt. She said each knot was tied buy a parishioner and they tied the knot as they prayed for me.

It’s a gift I will treasure forever. Thank you Margaret and the quilting ministry at St. Francise of Assisse in Mocksville. I love my quilt!

Now let me see if I can add a couple of pictures…

Be blessed,




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