Today was a busy day and some what enlightening. I had a dentist appointment this morning and was pretty sure I was going to have a tooth pulled. I wasn’t looking forward to it but it was a huge filling and the tooth was breaking away from the filling. Cold things in my mouth were not my friends. I get there and I told them I needed this tooth taken care of and a cleaning ASAP because I would be starting chemotherapy soon. They took the X-ray but explained that they would have to talk to the oncologist before doing any work in my mouth. 😕 I had no idea. Everything I read said get any dental work done prior to chemo and that’s what I was doing. Now mind you, I LOVE my dentist. He’s got the best “chair side manners” of any dentist I’ve ever been too. But this kinda made me mad! Then HE himself came into explain that if something major were to be done in my mouth and chemo got started, my body would be very run down and it would be very hard to fight any infection off and may upset my treatment. I guess I should have had this done a long time ago. They put in a call to my oncologist while I waited and left a message. Now I just wait to see what the next step will be.

I spent part of the day looking for a button up shirt to wear during chemo. They say it’s the best thing to wear because it’s easy to get to the port. I found a pretty soft pink, orange and yellow shirt that was 50% off. Cha ching! While waiting for my friend Kathy to meet me for lunch I was reading another ladies blog which told me the kinds of things you will want to have with you during chemo. I found several things on Amazon and ordered them. A water bottle that has an easy open top. Ginger drops for nausea along with psi bracelets for the same thing. She suggested having a “chemo bag”. So after lunch Kathy and I went to see what TJ Maxx had but were unsuccessful. Then Kathy said she had a bag I could use. Perfect! “chemo bag” check! Some other things suggested we’re crossword or sudoku or coloring book and penciled. A snack. Warm socks. Headphones. A warm beanie once my hair falls out. A blanket or sweater and small pillow. Toothbrush/paste or mouthwash for the metallic taste chemo leaves in your mouth. Lemon heads also help with the yucky taste and the dry mouth. Your phone or tablet or laptop AND their charger. Oh…and I think I might have to make myself a crocheted blanket. I just need to find a really chunky yarn. And of course she said to keep your medical records with you. Especially your insurance card, your Leave of Absence information. Most of all she said to bring a companion. One you won’t feel the need to entertain during treatment.

I rounded out my day by picking up my dad at the hospital and taking him back to his apartment. Then I met my husband and we went and got my hair cut. Really short. Everything I’ve read suggest that you slowly start cutting your hair shorter and shorter. That way when it falls out it won’t be so shocking. Yes I cried but my stylist did a great job of making me feel good. I was concerned because I know Terry likes longer hair but he even said he thought it looked very nice. And then he took me to dinner! I love that man!

Be blessed,




5 thoughts on “Preparing!

  1. We needs pics of the hair 🙂 I’ll go look on FB. I have to say, you almost make it sound like you’re getting ready for a fun trip! What a great, positive attitude you have. Love you!

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  2. I thought of donating all my hair for you to get a wig, but on we one thought that might not help much. So I will donate my prayers instead. Love you girl.

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