He said I could share.

I’d like to introduce you to my husband, Terry. Terry and I met at Church when he helped me with the youth. We’ve been married almost 13 years and together almost 20…holy cow. I just realized that.

Anyway, Terry can be quiet and reserved…unlike me! He will give you the shirt off his back and his last piece of bread if you asked. But sometimes he’s hard to read. Some people might have even said he’s hard to get to know. So I’m going to show you another side of this man whom I love.

Since day one with new normal he has been right by my side. I decided to start eating clean. I mean squeaky clean. NO SUGAR, NO CARBS, only grass feed or produce feed meats, eggs and cheese. Nothing from a box or a can. Right away Terry joined me. He say “if you can’t eat it then I can’t eat it”! He quickly and lovingly became the food Nazi. So the night I posted about the chocolate cake and Pepsi, I knew I was going to get busted. But he goes to bed so early I knew he was a day or 2 behind in reading my blog. The next morning I got up to find a note in the refrigerator leaning up against my partially consumed Pepsi. (remember he hadn’t read my post yet) here’s the note…

And my reply…

But his love and concern didn’t stop there because that night he read my blog and this was the text he sent me at work the next day.

I caught up on some reading last night. I understand how you feel about your dad. It seems like the ones closest to us hurt us the most sometimes. He doesn’t understand how his needs weigh upon others. At a time when he needs to become more self sufficient and try to understand the needs of others. He’s chosen to make himself the center of attention. You have said he was not always like this, it’s a shame he is now. At a time in your life when you need support like never before. Do not fret. It will all work out in the end. We are just not able to see it yet.

So next time, before you get yourself a piece of chocolate cake and a Pepsi and sit in a parking lot by yourself with your tears making the cake all salty and soggy maybe you should talk to your husband about stuff that’s bothering you. No matter if they are big or small. He will probably take the time to listen, even when you are sure he doesn’t want to hear it. (There is no love lost between my father and husband so I tend to hold a lot in) and maybe he will take you out for a piece of cake and a Pepsi and a good cry afterwards so you don’t have to be alone. He does care.

Oh by the way even at 5am with your granny jammies and short hair. You still look cute. All my love, Terry

He even said he would help my dad when I’m not able too. He also said that just because they don’t like each other doesn’t mean I can’t talk to him about my dad when I’m frustrated. He did mention some mid-evil torture devices but I think he was kidding! 🤔

So you see, just like ogres have layers, so do the strong silent men like my husband.

I adore you Terry Pupp and I’m so glad I have you by my side through this mess. I’m sorry too but I know we’ll get through it together. What a blessing you’ve been to me!

So there’s one facet of my husband.

Be blessed,




4 thoughts on “He said I could share.

  1. I am in tears right now! I know you’re going through so much and thank God you are blessed with such an amazing partner in your life. Thank you for sharing ❤

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