I only get 30 minutes!

So today was really busy at work. I only did two leases but it seemed I had someone in the office or on the phone most of the day. So at 2pm when I clocked out for lunch I was ready for my 30 minutes of down time. It’s the time of day when our Success By Health HEAT call is done so I grab my lunch and dial in. Today’s speaker was our CEO and Founder, Mr. Jay Noland. So I’m eating my salad and listening to the call and the company phone is ringing. I’m at lunch so I don’t answer. And it rings again. And a third time. Then someone’s knocking at the door. I have a sign on the door that says “At Lunch” and still they knock. I don’t answer. Then someone bangs on my door and I hear “who takes a lunch at 2 o’clock in the afternoon”. By now I’ve miss half of the conference call. I go to the door, open it and tell the three people standing there that my lunch will be over in a few minutes and I will take care of them then! I shut and locked the door for the last 10 minutes of my lunch! AND the call is over, my salad lost it’s pizzazz and I was mad!

I took care of the people with what smile I could muster and the rest of the day was mostly quiet. I made a few phone calls preparing for what’s to come. One call was to get my Leave of Absents started. Now I just need a date. The other call was a bit upsetting as well. I’ve been waiting for my CT and bone scan and the Oncologist office said they didn’t have them yet. I called medical records over at the hospital and the lady said oh yes they’re here, do you want me to fax them somewhere. Lord help me. I’ll call Monday and see if they’ll give me the results. Then I’ll just be waiting for the genetic test to come back and I’ll make my decision on what to have done. I have researched alternative and innovative options but most of what I’ve read said to keep boosting the immune system to help get through the drugs they need to use to save my life. I’m still praying for a miracle!

Thank you for your prayers!

Be blessed,




2 thoughts on “I only get 30 minutes!

  1. Hi Diana,
    This is so great of you to share what you’re going through. I’m sure there are lots of us following along that haven’t commented. I just want you to know that I’m out here reading, and praying, and wishing I were closer so I could visit and give you a hug. And any other help you might need! I love you, and i think you’re very brave. Hugs, Joan

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    1. Thank you Joan. This means a lot to me. I’m not sure I’m so brave. It’s more like, here you have cancer, live or die. I just want to live. I love you too. Thanks for standing by me!


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