Today was a rough day!

I am a property manager at a local self storage facility and was back at work this morning for the first time in 5 days. It’s always hard to go back to work after an exciting trip but you do what you have to do and I have to work. I did a lock check (we check every unit to make sure it’s properly locked) early in the day and I found 3 units unlocked. One was perfectly clean but the 2 big units were filthy. So I cleaned them. After lunch it seemed there was non stop traffic and phone calls coming in. I showed a gentleman a unit and not happy to find it was filthy inside. All in all I think I cleaned 4 or 5 units and by the end of the day my left breast was throbbing.  I was in tears. What in the heck was going on? And then my door opened and it was a young man who needed a parking space for his RV. I took him down to see what was available and we did the normal chitchat. I told him about the gate codes, he told me his wife had him removed from the house and his 2 kids. We went back inside the office and he asked if I was ok. I told him of my diagnosis and he said “I’ve never done this before, but can I pray for you?” I said of course and this young man prayed a simple but beautiful prayer for me. He’s been taken away from his children and he took time to pray for me. So tonight I offer up this pain I’m enduring for Michael and his children to be reunited. I also told him I’d pray for his wife Rebecca who has drug and alcohol problems but was planning this separation for awhile and kind of set him up. Because I know there’s more than one side to every story I offered to pray for them both!

Im in pain and I’m going to bed with an ice pack!

God is good!

Be blessed




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