Some much needed BFF time…

Today I met my best friend in Greensboro for some sister time. We aren’t blood sisters but sisters at heart. She’s is my kindred spirit! A little history…

I went to work at the local cable vision company right out of high school. I’d been there for a while when a lady started working there. She was quiet and I soon learned her husband had just died in a tragic accident. It didn’t take long before she and I started talking and became friends. We’d go to lunch and eat chocolate cake and ice water. I liked her even more. You know they say “life’s short, eat dessert first”. Lol Through the years we grew closer and closer! We double dated, attended each other’s weddings, we had shower and babies. My daughters middle name is Sue because Sue was my coach during her birth. It was almost funny, she didn’t want to upset my mom, who was in there with us, and I didn’t want to upset Sue so we were both very polite. It was comical! Soon she had 2 daughters and I had a son and daughter and before long our families were camping together at LEAST twice a year. Then we graduated to weekends in cabins in the VA mountains. Then when the kids got too “old” to go with us, we started going with out them. Through the years our children became great friends and would still be there for each other if needed!

I’m not going to lie, we have had our ups and downs. After 19 years of doing so much together, I decided to leave my first husband. There was so much going on that we drifted a little. It was a hard impact on us because everything we did was as families and now my family was in pieces. But very soon we picked things back up. We had more children’s weddings to attend. She went through a relationship change and before long she and I were back to the bond we had before. We were 6 hours away so we found some place to meet in the middle and it was Seagrove NC. We both love pottery and every November we met for the annual Pottery festival. We’d stay at a local Bed and Breakfast and always had lunch at the 701 Drive Inn. (Sadly now closed) Then we’d try to come together at least once or twice again even if just for the day…like today.

Today we met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Greensboro. Then we found a bead shop and made like bracelets to wear. Then we went back to have coffee (😉) at the CB and she helped me plan a menu for my family. Cooking is not my favorite thing to do and now that my diet has had to change so drastically, I just needed help. But the best part of the day was her gift to me. I had asked her if she would make me a journal (she’s super crafty) because that’s something suggested for mental healing. She told me of course and that she had already planned on making me one. It is beautiful and I can’t wait to start journaling in my new book. Thank you so much Sue. I love my new journal and I love you! Until next time, I’m just a text away!

Be blessed,




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