Not you too!

I was just talking to a friend who’s mother had a mastectomy a few days ago. We were discussing which doctors we see and it made me realize how many doctors there are out there who specialize in BC. How in the heck do you chose the right one? Is there someplace where these doctors are graded? Or do you just trust who your primary care doctored sends you too. You could always open the phone book close your eyes and point. Oh better yet, put all their names on a board and throw darts at it.

What ever the decision, please make sure your decision is yours. I don’t mean to sound bossy but when we, my husband and I, suggested a more alternative approach the surgeon got a bit huffy. I don’t remember what she said exactly but what it boiled down to was, good luck with that. We’ve been doing our research and there are a lot of alternative methods out there, we just aren’t sure which way to go right now. And how are we to know if these work when people don’t know about them and don’t try them? I believe God made our bodies self sufficient enough that if we feed it and take care of it correctly, number one we probably won’t get these awful diseases and number two if we do get them our bodies should be able to clean it out itself. I believe there are natural remedies available out in the world somewhere and I’m going to find one.

There are no cold hard facts so make sure you know what you want and don’t let anyone talk you into anything. Research research research! This doctor was ready to chemo cut and radiate. Well I’m sorry but I haven’t made up my mind up yet. Please keep your prayers and thoughts coming this way we really do appreciate them!

Be blessed,




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