I’m so glad I could go!

I’m just leaving Kentucky after an amazing training with my Powerhouse CEO and Mentor, Mr. Jay Noland. I always leave these trainings high on his energy. I’d say it’s that way for most who attend an SBH training. And those that don’t come away with an new energy, well let’s just say, they will be sorted.

I had a wonderful time and met some new people. But it’s the old friends who came to hug me and tell me they were praying for me that meant the most. People told me they loved me and that they know I’m strong and that this hiccup would be a thing of the past before long.

I had 3 doctors in the company check on me and a lady and new friend who took a blood sample and put it under a microscope with the sample projected on a big computer monitor. This process was absolutely amazing. She showed me my red and white blood cells. I saw basil cells with working antihistamines that were moving around and doing what they do. From this small drop of blood she saw that I’m low on iron and B12. I have to do a colon and liver cleanse but there wasn’t a lot of plaque or calcium. But the great thing I saw was that my cells are plump and round and not sick and dimpled. She said in her opinion she didn’t see anything that showed cancer in my blood or organs. Which made me so thrilled! I’m going to do my own research just for peace of mind but really felt a since of relief knowing that it probably hasn’t spread!

I’ll be glad to get home to my family but I can’t thank ,u SBH family enough for your love and prayers! I love you all!

Be blessed,




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