Oh boy…

It’s been a hot couple of days. The air conditioner went out at work on Friday and it didn’t take long before it was almost 90* in my office. I spent part of the day at my property and the rest of the day at the other local property where the AC worked. I did the same thing Saturday. Sunday and today I stayed at my property but it was so hot it was hard to do anything! I was grateful to have 2 fans but all I could do was sit in front of then. The AC repairman showed up today just as I was thinking about running away. I was feeling sick and just wanted some relief. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ I was miserable because I still had not gone to the bathroom for going on 6 days. Friday when I went to the oncologist office for my weekly blood work I asked for suggestions and the doctors assistant, Karen, told me to get Magnesium Citrate (aka poop juice) and drink 1/2 the bottle. So on Saturday evening I did that. I was up most of the night but there was never really any substantial action…if you know what I mean. A lot of the problem is the looming hemorrhoids and the thought of pushing! 😬 All weekend I’ve has small successes but I’m still eating so there’s way more going in then what’s coming out!

Now the reason I went into all of that was because it’s really not an ideal situation to be super hot and super constipated. It makes for one miserable me. At one point I just wanted to go home and drink the rest of the poop juice and wait. But I stuck it out. I even went to dinner with Terry, Rylee, Melanie, Joe and Lia. But before I left for dinner, I drank the rest of the poop juice and about 30 minutes ago… ☺️ there was a movement and I’m feeling better. I’m in my air conditioned house. I’m getting ready to go to bed and I’m hoping the juice will keep working! There’s still work to be done there!

Tomorrow is another chemo day so I’ll let you know how that goes. For tonight I have to say my blessings for today were Magnesium Citrate and time with family! 😉

Be blessed,




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