Round 2 of chemo

Well today didn’t start off so good. I got up a little early to pray and settle my nerves. I took a shower and fixed my coffee. Time to blow dry my hair…and it started. As I was curling the front of my hair forward a big clump of hair came out on my brush. If you’ve been following me you know this has been a big issue with me. I like my hair. Rylee was standing there and he didn’t know what to say so he said something but I don’t remember what. I just know he was trying to make me feel better. Needless to say I stopped drying my hair and just sprayed it in place…as if that would help! Melanie, my daughter had chemo duty today and got here early. She was chipper and said good morning as I was almost throwing my coffee cup into the microwave to reheat it and I said something back and started to cry. She hugged me and said it was going to be ok. I thank GOD she didn’t say it’s only hair because I’ve heard that statement a hundred times and it’s not only hair damn it it’s MY hair. Truth be told it is only hair and it will come back. I was just hoping to have one more week with my beloved locks!

We ran through McDonalds drive in for breakfast and got to the oncologist office right on time. I don’t think we even waited 10 minutes and we were called back to the room to talk to the doctor. The nurse weighed me…yep still 110 (inside joke) and all my vitals were great. The doctor came in and asked a few questions about my last treatment and I told him in more words but basically it sucked. He said I could start taking the meds the day before anticipated nausea so I wouldn’t have such a hard time with it. I think I shall give that a try!

Now it’s 11am and we are waiting for the party to get started. Madison is off today so Lisa is my nurse. She access my port and does the blood draw and we wait. Around 11:30 she giving me the steroid & anti nausea cocktail. That took forever it seemed. I looked up to see Terry walking in. He had taken an extended lunch to come see me. He makes me smile! It means the world to me that he wants to be with me. I adore you Terry Pupp! He didn’t stay long and that’s ok! And when he left he was kinda teary eyed which made me well up and I could tell Melanie was touched by his emotion. I’m married to a great man!

After each dose of anything is a 25 to 30 saline drip.

My first cocktail of the day.

My companions for the day.

I’m not sure what time Lisa, who’s picture I forgot to take, brought me the popsicles but Mel and I enjoyed the cold treat. I had one almost gone when Lisa started the “PUSH”. The first dose of chemo is push injected into my IV line going into my port. This time I ate the popsicles slower and only needed two. Time for the flush. It was going on 2 and I told Mel to go get Lia from the sitter and grab lunch because it was getting so late. While they were gone, I took a nice nap! Mel brought back Arby’s and I ate what I could. By this time is was 3:30, Lisa was taking everything apart and cleaning my port. Time to go. I think we got home around 3:50. Oh…and I didn’t pee red again! They said most people pee red because if the “PUSHED” drug. Not me…🙄 I gotta be different!

This time was not like the first time. When Lisa “PUSHED” the first drug in, I got a very strange sensation across my chest. It didn’t really hurt, but it startled me. It was like someone/thing was pushing their fingers across my chest with a lot of pressure. I don’t know any other way to explain it. It happened and was gone. Maybe it was the Hands if God! I started to not feel well. I was dizzy and my head hurt.

Mel and Lia stayed for a little while to make sure I was ok. We FaceTimed with Joey for a few and when she left and I went to bed.

I’m not sure what time I got up but the guys had left for Boy Scouts and I was just laying there. I had to go potty so I got up… ⚠️ graphic but truthful…and I couldn’t control my bladder. What the heck? On top of trying not to wet myself the puppies were glad I was up and wanted me to know it. I couldn’t get around them and I didn’t want to yell. It was almost funny except I was wetting myself! I will be asking what that was all about when I go in for my shot tomorrow at 3! No it wasn’t a complete empty of the bladder on the way to the bathroom but enough that I had to clean up and change. Sorry to be graphic! Just telling you the way it is!

I got a phone call from a lady another acquaintance referred my number too. A lady who has had BC and survived. We talked for about 45 minutes and she was so helpful and I was very grateful to have someone else to talk to who has been there done that, survived. Thanks for calling Coleen! I’ll be in touch soon.

The boys came home and Terry went to bed. I went to my craft room and started cutting stuff out on the Cricut for Rylee. It’s going to be a long night with no sleep…thanks steroid. I told Rylee I might cut my hair off tonight and he asked if we could do one more picture together first so here it is.

Well, it’s midnight and I’m going to try and get some sleep. I took 3 G-clear so I’m feeling relaxed. Maybe I’ll turn on my thunderstorm and sleep for a while. Thank you to everyone who reads my rantings. I’m sending you all big hugs. I also thank you for your prayers. If my posts are too graphic or TMI, I’m sorry but like I’ve said before if one person finds something that helps them not feel so alone on their journey then this blog has been worth it. The next few days will be unpredictable so I’ll write when I can. If I’m not writing, I’m probably napping and could use an extra prayer!

Let’s see, my blessing for today was to have Terry come sit with me for a few minutes during his lunch. Of course Mel and Rylee too!

Be blessed,




10 thoughts on “Round 2 of chemo

  1. Yes lovely. xx The hair. By my third round I was waking up to clumps on my pillow.

    I went to a hairdresser friend of mine, and she cut it as short as possible. Like an inch long all over my head. It continued falling out, but in smaller clumps of really short hair.

    I went ahead and had my head shaved, and it was very freeing.
    Over a year later, I still like my hair very short. xx

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  2. I like you got so tired of people telling me “it’s only hair.” You are so right it is OUR hair. I’ve been cancer free I believe 3 years now but there are two places that my hair never came back. It bothers me from time to time but being cancer free right now far outweighs that. Stay strong and hold onto your faith. It will get you through the hard days. Especially when you are so constipated from the drugs that all you can do is cry out to Jesus. Lol. Hugs.

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