Another interesting day

It’s amazing to me how God puts people in your path at just the right time and sometimes for just a few minutes. I had a woman come in today who was just looking for a few boxes. Her and her husband had just sold their home of 18 years but had not been able to find something in time so they were going to have to rent. I’m not sure how the subject came up but I told her about my diagnosis and that I was going for my second treatment Monday and then I realized she was crying. She said, I just had a biopsy done yesterday. I asked if I could hug her and I asked her name. I told her I would be praying for her and good results. We talked for just a few minutes and she left. I sat right there and asked for God to heal her. Her issue is in her Uterus. Please pray with me.

Then a little while later my German customer came in. He makes me laugh, he’s the only person I know who can say the f word with a beautiful smile on his face. And he says it a lot! Except with his accent, it’s not as harsh sounding. He loves America and has been here since 2001. He hates Trump, blames him for everything and uses that f word mostly when talking about him. He told me he had just come back from visiting his mother in Berlin. She lives alone in their family home of 6500 sq ft. 3 stories, 10 bed rooms, 7 bathrooms and 2 kitchens. He says it looks like a museum and he wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast. He’s going to bring me pictures soon. I’ll not hold my breath…he was supposed to bring me a red convertible VW too. He buys cars here and ships them to Germany for quit a profit! That’s how he makes his living. So what’s one little 🐞 for me gonna hurt? Lol He told me he liked my hair and I said the next step will be bald. His response was what the F. He said, I go to Church every Sunday and I will be praying for you. Turns out we go to the same Church just different times. In my head I was saying and I will pray for you to loose the language. God does work miracles! 🙄

Next we’re 2 of my favorite customers, John and Leeann. They have been teaching me how to cook delicious vegetables. John does a lot of the cooking and he suggested a coconut oil that doesn’t make everything taste like coconut. He even brought me a sample. I normally use olive oil so I was excited to try it. It was amazing and so I ordered it. They use the oil and a little butter and spices and onions and garlic and soy sauce and ginger and they’ve even sent me pictures. Leeann said when they slow down she will send me some great vegetable recipes. I can’t wait! They are such a sweet couple!

My last customer of the say is so sweet. She always comes in toward the end of the day and we talk for a good while. She is one of my favorites too! She knows what’s going on with me and asked how I was feeling. She asked about my support system. I told her how awesome everyone’s been and she was glad to hear it and said but what about your husband. I told her about my first chemo when he asked me if I was ok and I started to cry and he cried with me and she started to cry. She was glad I had a great husband to stand by me. SO AM I!

I’m telling you God has placed some amazing people in my life! Some I see every month and some just for a few minutes. Some make me laugh and others have touched me and made me cry. I can see if I were too become too focused on the bump in my journey how I could miss some amazing people. I don’t think of any of the people mentioned today as FRIENDS, but each one has touched my life today. Now I bet you’re thinking, boy does she tell everyone she has cancer? No, I don’t but if God opens the door for me to bring it up, I do. I want all the people I can praying for my family and I. And like the lady who bought the box today…maybe she just needed to know she wasn’t alone and that there was someone else who was going to pray for her. One of my customers, whom I really like came in the other day and he asked how I’d been. So I told him. I know Benny’s a believer and I know he’ll pray for me. But what I can’t figure out is why he came in. He’s paid up until the end of September…but said he just wanted to make sure his account was ok. So after I told him he said he had a good friend who was a BC survived and asked if he could give her my number to call me. I said yes please. I don’t have anyone to talk to and it’s really kind of scary with no one on my call list who’s been there, done that…survived! We haven’t gotten the chance to chat yet but do you see what I mean when I say, God puts people in our paths at the right moment. There are no Coincidences! Only GODcidences! I am so blessed!

Y’all be blessed too!




2 thoughts on “Another interesting day

  1. I love you so much! You have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. You are one of the strongest people I know, you never let anything get in your way when you set your mind to something. I believe you will get through this and knowing you as I do, you will help many people along the way! I’m so happy and blessed to be a member of the family. You know if you need anything all you have to do is ask! I love you 😘

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    1. Thanks Julie!! Im glad you’re family too! I hope I can help someone along the way! It’s part of the reason I do this blog! It’s a scary thing to go through alone. I know I have many people here for me but to talk to it hear from someone who’s been through it is different. That’s why my first treatment, I blogged about everything. Maybe not real well but I tried!
      I love you too!


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