It was a much better day.

Although I had 6 units to clean I only got through 4. It was too hot and I just didn’t want to feel like I did yesterday! So I will pace myself and do what I can when I can and not over do it again. As much as I felt good today I could feel how the heat and the doing was going to do me in if I didn’t stop. I guess this will be my new norm. As I’ve said before I’ve read several blogs from people who have had chemo and no 2 reacted the same way. Everyone’s reaction was so different so there’s no way to gage how someone’s going to feel. Everyone’s chemo treatments are different with different meds. I read about a lady who had triple negative breast cancer and taking the same drugs I’m taking but she never lost her hair…on her head! I’ll stop there. So to say things will get better or worse, I don’t know. I’ll just have to play the hand I’m dealt and hold my poker face.

I just hung up with my daughter, Brittney and she kept telling me how brave I am. I said, no I’m really not. I’m really a chicken sh!t because I’m scared to death. And she fussed at me and said I was the bravest woman she knows. That made me feel good to know she sees me that way. I guess I could be a pile of sniveling snot crying poor pitiful me! But where would that get me. I’ve chosen to be strong. I’ve chosen to face this with confidence and faith. I’ve chosen to fight this battle with honor and Grace and I thank everyone who keeps reminding me. Please don’t stop! AND if you see me heading down the sniveling snot road please snap me out of it. I mean I know I’m going to have ups and downs but I have to continue to see the blessings coming from this devil in my body.

It’s late and I have to get up really early for Church and work so I’m going to keep this short. Thank you for all of your prayers! PLEASE…

Be blessed,




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