At least it got better

It was a rough day. I needed to be home on something stronger than ibuprofen for my tooth and my boob. Both on the left side…I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad. I just know I was in pain all day and the day drug on and on. I tried to stay busy at work but once you’ve done everything you can do, then what? So I did some reading. Talked to a new friend for a bit. Took a walk and spoke to a couple of customers. Now it’s hot out and I just wanted to go to bed. Then FINALLY it’s 5pm and I clock out. I am driving out of the parking lot and realize there’s a problem. I get out of my car and my rear passenger side tire is on the ground. So I called my husband and he came on his white steed…or pickup truck to pump up my tire so I could get it patched. Then off to my dads house to do some more packing and sorting. Now I’m really hurting and starving! Then my daughter sends me a text telling me I have to stop by their house before we head home. 🙄 I really just want to eat, take drugs and go to bed. But because they are leaving for Disney tomorrow, I really wanted to see my granddaughter, Lia before they go.

So we go over and what a special surprise they had for me. She had put together a 23 minute video with pictures and songs. The songs alone were tear jerkers but then the pictures and video messages had me balling almost the whole time. It was family and friends letting me know I’m not alone. Letting me know they are there to stand by me (one of the songs in the video). It was absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see it again. She sent me a text after I fell asleep telling she downloaded it a flash drive. I have the most amazing kids in the world! Thank you so much you guys. It meant the world to me!

I don’t have the video yet and they won’t be back until next week so it will be a few days. I will post the YouTube link as soon as it’s up and ready.

So see even blessings come out of the things we think are tragic! I love my family and extended family.

I’m sorry I didn’t get this posted last night. My mouth and boob hurt so bad I just wanted to go to sleep. So y’all…

Be blessed,




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