It was a day filled with blessings.

Today started out like every other Sunday. Three tired people waiting their turn for the shower to get ready for Mass. I’m always first because I have to do my hair and make up and pack my work clothes and a lunch. Next is Rylee who is a sloth in the morning. I’m pretty sure he gets in the shower and lays down. And Terry is always last because he’s super fast and ready in no time. With only one incident with Rylee watching a video instead of getting ready, we were out the door in record time.

We got to Mass and Rylee was serving on the alter and I was Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. Taking my place next to my husband I waited for Mass to begin. I was praying that God would heal me from this sentence I’d been given and asking our friend Fr. Kimbrough and my mom to intercede for my healing and I was feeling a bit emotional. Then Fr. Mark read the Gospel from Mark 5:21-43 where he tells about the child who Jesus raised from the dead and then the woman who had hemorrhage for 12 years and how when she touched Jesus’ garment she was healed. Jesus felt His power come out from Him and asked who has touched me? After telling Jesus it was her and what had happened, He said “Daughter, your faith has saved you. Go in peace and be cured of your affliction.” I want to touch His garment. I want to have that kind of faith. Blessing number one. I have touched His garment. I have that kind of faith.

Blessing number two was our choir singing Amazing Grace during communion.

Blessing number three was when the couple who sit behind us every week invited us to dinner at their house. They are new and we’ve been speaking for a few months now.

Blessing number four came in the form of a text message from my best friends daughter, Missy. She is an amazing photographer! She photographed my daughters wedding. She has offered to come to NC from VA to do a whole photo shoot of my family. She said she would come before, during or after my surgery/treatment/recovery or for all three. I was in tears. Im so excited to have them done, I just don’t know when. They will be posted here when it happens!

Blessing number five was an awesome couple who came into work to rent a parking space. We were talking and laughing and for some reason I told her about my diagnosis. I told her we were trying to eat clean but it’s been hard because I don’t like vegetables and have no idea how to cook them unless they come out of a can I to a pan. They must have talked to me for an hour about how to cook veggies, what kind of oil to use, how to mix oil and butter and add garlic and fresh herbs. Man my mouth was watering when they were done. And then they said they were going to bring me some of the oil they use and some of their recipes. It’s amazing how God puts people with the knowledge you need in your path just at the right time!

Blessing number six dinner with Phyllis and Bill. The food was wonderful and so was the company. The perfect end to a perfect day. God is so good.

Be blessed,




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