So long 2018

As I’m sure you can guess, 2018 has not been my best year. Having cancer kinda slowed me down a bit. But like they say, what doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger! I think there might be something to that because I definitely came out of this journey a stronger person. Stronger in my faith and in my belief in myself. The CEO of my coffee company and mentor, Jay Noland, says it’s up to me to have “a great day, every day no mater what!” Holding on to that teaching really made a difference in this experience. There were many days that I could have had a really big pity party but instead I was always looking for the positive in my day. Now I’m not going to lie, somedays it might have been just a day of peace and quiet in my bed taking a long nap. But some days it was hearing from a friend I hadn’t talk to in ages. So many blessing came to us.

Now going into this new year, I’m not going to make any crazy resolutions…ok maybe 1 or 2…but I AM going to do my best to make EVERYday a great day no matter what! I plan to journal and keep track of my great days and keep a positive out look on life. You see last Friday I was given the news that after my lumpectomy on the 21st, I was officially cancer free! Now that was a great day!

The next step is reconstruction (a reduction and lift) on Jan 16th. A few weeks of radiation and possibly the chemo pill for a few months for added insurance in my recovery. All things I will handle with great joy and strength.

I pray 2019 will bring you joy, strength and a great day everyday, no matter what!

My blessing for this last day in 2018 was my post op visit to my surgeon and a clean bill of health. Praise you Jesus! It’s been a great day!

Be blessed,




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