Well, I have chemo brain!

Here I thought I published about my last treatment and I just opened the page to see it still sitting here unpublished…soooo I’m just going to hit publish and add that things are right on schedule!

Today my chemo companion is MY FRIEND Heather aka, crack head (not given to her by me) or Hebby. Did I get that right? If there are others, I’m unaware of them. Heather is ALSO my sons best friend from high school but I’m privileged to call her friend too. And I’m happy she’s come with me again. She makes me laugh…a lot! Oh… here we are!

Sue is my chemo nurse today. She is a friend from Church and I was surprised/pleased to see her training at my oncologist office. She did a great job and kept everything light. That is much needed for what most people are going through. Here Sue and I.

For the first time I got to hear someone ring the last treatment bell. It was a young man. I had seen him there before and was saddened by his young age. I’ve been praying for him and when I heard the bell ring and saw it was him I was so moved. I didn’t say anything I just thanked God for what I hoped were answered prayers.

Then there was a man I thought was there alone and was thrilled then I saw several men come in and pray with him. There’s something about this picture that brought me to tears too.

So there we are. My blessing for today was all the other people around me who were being blessed. Yep it’s that simple! Pray for someone today. Give someone a compliment. Smile at someone who looks alone. You will be blessed!




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