What now?

So one of my favorite books is The Secret Life Of Bees By Sue Monk Kidd. One of my favorite memories was listening to it with my best friend Sue on one of our summer trips to Florida to visit my parents. The story is about a young girl named Lily Owens. Now Lily’s had a rough life and decided to run away in search of something better. She’s looking for someone who knows or knew her mom. During this time Lily becomes a person of her own and she is able to grow up a little and when things go wrong her word is “SHITBUCKETS” ⬅️pardon her French! Well this past week I’ve had a few “SHITBUCKET” moments myself, and so has Sue! Now she’s the only one who knowns the history behind the word in my world and the only one I ever say it too…but today has been a “SB” kind of day. Let’s see if we can list the issues and find the blessing of the day.

  1. Last night when I went to bed it was 81* and I slept very little because it was so hot and I was running to the bathroom every hour to wet.
  2. When I got up at 5:30 to wake Rylee up for school I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. It’s like my bladder forgot how to work. If this is chemo related and it stays this way I’m going to be screaming “SB”!
  3. I take Rylee to school and come home and it’s 79* in the house. I take a shower and lay down in my bed with the ceiling fan and the tower fan blowing on me. I don’t want to move!
  4. Off to work I go and I’m doing my lock check and my golf cart dies just about as far from the office as you can get on the property…BUT just feet from an outlet! Blessing!
  5. Back at the office I realize I’m needed to wet with urgency more frequently and this time when I went potty there was a familiar burning in my lower belly. 😳 Oh great! I googled Urinary Track Infection. I had 5 of the 7 symptoms listed on WebMD. So I called the oncologist to see what they want me to do. Come leave a sample and we’ll call you in an antibiotic. So on my lunch I’m off to pee in a cup.
  6. I had several customers today and most were very pleasant (one not so much). But meeting Bill was my blessing for the day and but my life in a little better perspective. Bill and his wife are moving out of their home of many years and into an apartment. There’s no up keep, no grass to mow, nothing that they have to worry about fixing. You see Bill is 79 and has blood and bone cancer. He told me the name but I don’t remember. He said it’s in remission but he believes God did that so he could get his wife someplace safe and secure. He’s been through chemo but that has left him with several other issues that he didn’t go into. I asked him if I could pray for him and he said he would appreciate that and said he’d pray for me as well. Then he said, if you would please, pray for my wife, she worried to death about me and it makes me sad. Her name is Sara and we’ve been married for 59 years. I assured him I would.

So as I sit here in this hot house tonight, with my UTI, I am reminded that I don’t have it so bad. There is always someone out there who is going through far worse things then I. Bill and Sara need our prayers! And tonight I offer up the heat and the pain I’m complaining about for Bill and Sara. For healing if it be Gods will and for peace if not.

Good night.

Be blessed,




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