High as a kite

And getting ready to crash. The day after chemo I feel like I’m high as a kite! The steroid I get before each treatment must be pretty intense because I only got about 3 house of sleep last night and today I was running around like a crazy woman. My day started at 5:30, waking up Rylee to get in the shower. We were off to school in record time. Oops, forgot his pill so we returned home and still made it before class began. I came home, drank my coffee and ate breakfast then jumped in the shower. I had an ultrasound appointment at 10am to make sure there wasn’t a blood clot in my neck. Something they should have done when I went to the ER the weekend before last. Thank you Jesus, I was fine. But really thirsty so I ran through the Chick Fil A drive through for an unsweet tea. Then off to grab a fan from my dads because our AC isn’t working. Grrrrr. I got in the car and took a big gulp of my unsweet tea and it was sweet. 😡 so back to CFA and the lady was so kind. She even gave me chicken strips for my trouble. I couldn’t eat them! One bite and I felt like I was going to gag. Not because of the food, it’s just how this day after goes. Im heading home with my unsweet tea and the gas light comes on so I swing into the QT for a fill up. It’s 1:00pm and I’m finally heading home. I have an hour before I have to go get Rylee and Lia. I pull into my driveway and there’s a blue truck in the drive with the driver side door open. It only took a minute to realize our sweet friend Ray was checking out my AC unit. He replaced something and had it running but it stopped and that’s when he found this…

Yikes, so we turned it off to let it melt and sweet Ray wouldn’t take any money so I paid him in honey!

I went back to cleaning my room and before I knew it it was time for car line. I pick up Lia first, head to the upper school and get Rylee, drop Rylee off at Big Lots to shop for school supplies, take Lia home and go pick up Rylee. Apparently Big Lots dose t really carry school supplies so on to Staples we go. First stopping by to retrieve my hammer and nails I keep forgetting at my dads. Rylee ran in and got them for me. Staples had what he needed and we were home by 4ish. I sat and started a crocheting project when I should have cleaned the kitchen but it was too hot to do anything but sit in front of the fan! So that what I did. At 5:40 we left the house for dinner at Lancaster BBQ and a Prepper meeting to learn about Ham Radios. Now here I sit at 11:30 trying to finish this blog that I have started over twice and my eyes are getting very heavy. Maybe I’ll get a blessing and tomorrow I won’t be supper sick and I can get some work done in this house. I hope! But if the last 2 treatments are the norm, Im not going to feel like doing anything but sleep for the next 2 days. So you’ll know why if you don’t hear from me.

Oh, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a few days and I keep forgetting. This whole being bald thing has been a real experience! The first day after having my head shaved I got into the shower and the first thing I always do is lean my head back to get my hair wet. 😳 oh my goodness. Talk about a strange sensation! But it felt great. And it takes me half the time to get ready to go anywhere now. But the really strange feeling came the other night when I went outside with no hat and the breeze hit my head. I had someone tell me it felt great but I wasn’t expecting it to feel that different. Oh and if I take a nap, my hair doesn’t get messed up! Lol I’m not saying I’m happy being bald, just looking for the positive side to as much as I can!

My blessing for today was finding Ray, who took time out of his day to come check my AC. I’m hoping the ice will be gone tomorrow and we will be cool again!

Be blessed,




2 thoughts on “High as a kite

  1. Love how you find the silver lining everything! Hope the next couple days are better than those you had the last couple weeks. 🙏❤

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  2. I’m so happy for you! Doesn’t it feel amazing? I loved being bald. It was like you could feel every little thing. Be kind to yourself the days afterwards. I would always give myself three days for Chemo, and something about giving myself permission seemed to help. xx

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