Treatment 3 almost didn’t happen!

Joey (eldest son) picked me up and we left at 8:30 to pick my Rx, some sandwich supplies and popsicles. We got to the doctors office at 9:27 for my 9:30 appointment. The waiting room was packed. I’ve never seen it so busy. We sat there and sat there and finally receptionists Megan called me up and said because I didn’t do a blood draw the Friday before, my appointment was canceled. I know this was probably my fault and my responsibility but just the same, I felt someone needs to be calling to to set these appointments or at least call to find out why I’m canceling my appointment. I mean why would you cancel your chemo appointment? So I said to Megan, is there ANY way I can be fit in today. I told her Joey had taken the day off of work to be with me for the day. She said, I know we can do the blood draw but that takes 24 to 48 to get back. BUT let me check. She was gone for several minutes and came to tell me she fought and cried and acted like a little girl just for me and told them about Joey taking the day off and they said they would do it. I was so grateful!

Within a few minutes they called me in for my vitals and to talk to the doctor. I told him about going to the ER last weekend and that they did an X-ray and sent me home. He wasn’t happy and said I needed to go in the next 30 hours for a scan to rule out a blood clot. I told him about the tenderness and bumps in my mouth and the hemorrhoid with a zip code. Then he asked if I have acid reflux and I said, why yes I do!!!!! It started about 4 days ago. He explained that because these parts and all connected the Doxorubicin causes them to have issues. That’s the reason they tell you to eat popsicles during the push. It helps with the mouth sores. We finished up and Joey and I walked back to the IV room and it was packed. I said to Joey on the way back that maybe I should use a popsicle suppository for my hemorrhoid. But I didn’t put it that nice! Use your Imagination friends…the hemorrhoid is very painful! We sat there forever. I wasn’t upset because I knew I was being worked in but 2 of the nurses were upset that their schedules were changed. I felt really bad but the doctor said it was ok and sent me back. The part that bothered me was when I heard one of the other nurses say she wasn’t going to touch it…ME! Thankfully around 12ish a new nurse named Stacy came to access my port and draw blood. They don’t have the cold spray anymore so she just stuck the HUGE needle in. It really hurt and that surprised me a lot. I teased her and told her I was going to blog about the mean new nurse in the floor and how I was glad to have something juicy to blog about. In reality she was great! The pain wasn’t her fault and if it hadn’t been for her stepping up to the plate, I might still be sitting there. Soon Madison came to hook up my steroid and nausea meds. I could tell she was upset and I told her how sorry I was to upset their schedules! She said, she was the one who was sorry that I’d been left just sitting there for 2 hours. I assured her it was alright and she just needed to smile. She was upset that someone yelled at her as if it were her fault. So I said, don’t let those people upset you? Don’t let this define who you are. You are so much better than this situation and I’m sorry this has happened. I told her she was amazing and not to let someone who doesn’t have what she wants upset her! She smiled with tears and thanked me. A few minutes later Stacy flushed my port and suited up for my “PUSH”. Popsicles were brought out by Madison and Joey and I began eating the frozen treats! Stacy started pushing and boy she was very efficient. Only 2 singles treats and she was done and had hooked up the saline flush. Next the other drug was flowing. All was done just a little after 3 and I was home by 4:10.

BUT…in the middle of all that Terry text me to say he wasn’t going to make it during his lunch because he needed to finish a job. THEN Melanie showed up after lunch and she and Joey had something to give me. Joey took and envelope out of his bag and there was a pink bracelet ⬇️ and a piece of paper in it.

And the paper was a flyer for a fundraiser/benefit for me that they along with their families are going to have on October 13th. I was floored and started to cry but knew if I didn’t stop it was going to be an ugly cry and I didn’t need the headache on top of how I was going to feel in a few minutes.

So here’s the flyer…

I’m so excited! Finally something exciting to look forward too. Please come out and play or watch! Some have some food and see what venders will be there. I really don’t know. Maybe Joey and Melanie can comment with details. I know Acrofittness is going to preform, so a really feel special! If you want to add something let Joey know at Oh and I showed the flyer to Madison and she’s going to play on the family team! 🙂

My blessing for today of course spending one on one time with a Joey. Joey and Mels surprise and just the fact that I received the treatment at all. I am so blessed so you…

Be blessed too,


#stsndbyme I did however miss my husband today. I love you Terry Pupp!!


13 thoughts on “Treatment 3 almost didn’t happen!

    1. The only reason I passed it of at the time was because she was new at this office (7 yrs in oncology) and she was the only one who came to check on me. It hurt like HELL so I don’t know if I deserve badass. Just didn’t want to upset her!

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      1. You are too kind. The first time I went in for Chemo, the nurse missed my port and the needle went into my chest. Sure, it was an accident, but I transferred to another Chemo ward. Chemo is torturous enough, so find your words and take every comfort lovely. xx

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      2. OMGosh that’s awful. I thought they were going to have to pick Joey up off the floor with me. He would have been on the floor if that has happened.
        I forgot, they just partnered with a BIG group and they don’t use cold spray! 🤬

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      1. Wow. We live just off of Main Street. The area has become really bad so we were trying to save and remodel to sell and move when the cancer hit. I have a side business and intend on becoming a millionaire within the next 2 to 3 years. This is why I say Cancer sucks. It’s out my dream in hold!

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      2. Aw….It saddens me to hear it’s gone downhill. I worked for Cotton Ketchie at Landmark Galleries while there. This was during the peak of my alcoholism, so he put up with a lot from me. Lol

        Why do you want to become a millionaire?

        It’s not on hold. It’s just a detour. xxx

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      3. I want to have financial and ti e freedom to do the things I want to do. To spend time with my family. I want to build our dream home and help people like us who can barely make ends meet. I was in the pawn shop a few months ago and a lady was pawning her wedding band. She had 2 little kids with her. If I had money I could have helped her. I want to help parents withe sick kids pay their medical bills. That’s the last thing they need to be worried about. And I want to rescue Australia Shepherds. People get them because they’re cute and smart but don’t realize how high maintenance they are. So just a few reasons…

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      4. We live in the “HOOD” off of Main Street. It didn’t use to be this way. It’s kinda moved in in us. We were working a new business that could potentially make us millionaires in 18 months but this cancer thing has but a hold on that for now!

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