I shoulda known.

You make plans and you have good intentions and something always comes up. But it was a great day anyway.

I got my husbands clothes washed and dried. ✅

I got my nails done. ✅

I did some grocery shopping and found 2 pairs of pants for $5 each! ✅

I got my dads dogs nails cut and filed. ✅

I did not get any cleaning done. ❌

I did not go through any totes. ❌

But I got to spend time with Melanie and Lia for the 2nd day in a row. 😁

They helped me pick out new earrings and my favorite bead store! 😍 (Ain’t Miss Bead Haven in downtown Mooresville) its my crack store! 🤤

And later Melanie told me she and my daughter in law Megan have reached out to friends to send me cool earrings. They called it Bald and Beautiful Earring Gifting. She had to tell me about today because someone sent her several pair to give me. Then when I got home there was a package with 4 more pair and a coffee mug. I guess if you can’t let your hair down, dress up the ears! I love it! Thanks Mel and Meghan! That was fun! The day ended with Rylee and I fixing my favorite salad. I call it Cursillo salad because that’s where I had it. You fix a big salad with everything you love in a salad. Cut into chunks one chicken breast per person and pan fry it with no seasoning. When it’s almost cooked through turn the temperature up to medium high and pour the juice from a can and a half of mandarin oranges over the chunk and just keep moving them around. They will get this sweet dark glaze on then and make you wanna slap your…well, not really. But it’s so good. Then I make a rice wine vinegar dressing. I don’t fix it very often but tonight it was needed. Be warned…


Now I’m going to talk about something cancer related. Again be warned.

Cancer + chemo = constipation

Constipation + salad (for me) = 💩

But after days of the first equation, the second equation has left me with the hemorrhoid from hell. I warned you twice! My family has been in bed for some time now and I have been in the bathroom 3 times with successful progress and a hemorrhoid that needs its own zip code. I have never in my life been in this kind of pain it that area. Now I’m not saying I’ve never had a hemorrhoid before because I have. I had my children naturally and there’s a point during labor where there’s no turning back so you push until your insides pop out! Literally! But I haven’t birthed a baby lately but I could sure name this thing! I think I’ve discovered why dogs drag their butts across the carpet. Hemorrhoids! There’s no doubt in my mind! I just can’t figure out how to get down there and do it myself and the dogs won’t show me. They act like I’ve never witnessed them doing it. They just cock their heads to the side and look at me all innocent. Ppfftt… I know! So after I drop Rylee off at school in the morning, I’ll be on the phone with my doctor! Help doc, it’s going to take more than preparation H and Tucks to get rid if this bad boy!

My blessing for today was all my earring and another day with Mel and Lia.

Be blessed,




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