I was MIA.

Hello, sorry I was missing for a few days. I just haven’t felt good and was either sleeping or working. Neither of which are exciting things to write about. So to catch up, Thursday I slept all day and Friday worked all day and wished I was at home in bed. I’m not sure why this round has made me so much more tired but even Friday at work I couldn’t keep my eyes opened and slept again during my lunch break. Talk about a quick 30 minutes! I think it should be mandatory to have a 1 hour lunch break. I was dragging Friday when I got home. I called in a take out order at Red Robin’s and could almost not eat I was so tired. I even bit a huge hold in the side of my mouth which of course I have revisited several times since. 🙄 If it heals as slowly as everything else I’ve bumped and bruised, it will be there forever. The joy of chemo, slow healing.

So Saturday, aka yesterday, I went to work. Still feeling fatigued but somewhat better, thank you nausea drugs, I was sitting at the desk and put my head down for a few minutes. All of a sudden I feel this pinch or twist or pulling in my neck. Right where the tube from my port goes down unto my vein. (Visit old posts for graphic) I sat up really fast and figured I had just moved wrong. I laid my head back in my chair and it happened again. I got up and walked around the office. I swept the floor and cleaned the bathroom and just walked around in circles for about 20 minutes. When I sat back down, it happened again. This time it was worse so I called Terry. He suggested I call the oncologist office and talk to the Doctor on call. So I did and he called me back within 5 minutes. He said because it’s in the area where my port goes into the vein that leads to my heart, he wanted me to go to the ER ASAP to rule out a blood clot. So I called Terry and told him. Then my boss and told him. By the time I had everything put away, Terry was pulling into the parking lot. Off to Huntersville we go.

Now when your going through chemo treatments, one thing they tell you is to stay away from sick people and here I am sitting in the busiest ER I’ve ever seen. Every time someone came in and sat near us, sneezing or coughing we got up and moved. One guy came in and they rolled him to where we were sitting. He was yelling that he was in pain and telling his dad to make them give him something for the pain. Yep…we moved. He was filthy and very thin. We guessed he was looking for a fix. So we played it safe and moved. Next a sick little girl and her mama came and sat near us. She had a fever and was coughing and so we moved again. This time Terry put me way out of the way and stood waiting for them to call my name. We’d been there about 2 hours when I told Terry that we should just go. It hadn’t happened again and I just wanted to go home. We stopped at the registration desk to tell them and the lady said she wanted to see what the doctor suggested we do. We explained to her that it hadn’t happened again and that we weren’t comfortable sitting with all the sick people. She came back and said the doctor wanted an EKG and X-ray and by then they should have a room for me. So we stayed. They were very understanding and put us in a waiting area away from everyone. EKG done. X-ray done. But when the X-ray tech had me put my arms over my head to do the shot, it felt like it was going to happen again. I put my arm down and I guess he got the picture ok. Still no room ready. So we waited and finally they called me back. We saw the doctor and he said there wasn’t any sort of blockage or kink in the port and he thinks it was a muscle spasm of some sort and thank you, get dressed and have a nice day. So 3 +/- hours later and no real answer we leave. No sooner had I sat in the van and yawned and it happened again.

Next stop was Walmart. While we were in the store it started to pour. We did our shopping and checked out and as soon as I got in the van and yawned, it happened again! We went home and ate dinner. Now you remember Tuesday my friend shaved my hair off? We it was driving my nuts with the stubble so after dinner I went to the bathroom to shave my head. But because I was having trouble, my sweet husband finished the job for me. Here’s before and during. No after yet!

With the stubble…

Removing the stubble.

We ran back to work to get Terry’s truck and I came home and went to bed. So here it is almost 3am and I’m awake and blogging. But that’s it for tonight.

My blessing for tonight was finding out there was nothing major wrong today. And my sweet husband!

Be blessed,




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