We moved Daddy today.

Today was the day we moved my dad into his new apartment at the Assisted Living facility. It’s a really nice place and I think he’s going to like it there but in his time. He’s always been a proud man. Sometimes to a fault. Ok a lot of the time! But he’s my dad and the commandment tells us to honor our parents so that’s what I’m trying to do. And I do love his stubborn butt!

We started out with my dad Rylee and I going to IHOP for breakfast. Then we went to get my dad a new phone. FYI, flip phones are almost a thing of the past. If you have one, get it fixed and sell it on eBay. Our next stop was his new apartment. He hadn’t been there since the guys moved his furniture in. Well, his recliner and TV were still at his house. We took a few thing there and then it was time to get to know the place…in depth! Then Rylee and I left and went to Walmart. We had to get a few things for him and a new litter box for Peek-a-boo, the cat since she was coming to live with us now.

OH and while we were in Walmart I got a phone call from the Genetic Counclor with results from my BRCA2 test. She had great news, the test was negative. So my daughter and granddaughters won’t have that to worry about! Another thank you Jesus!

A quick trip to the orthodontist for Rylee and we met Terry at home to go get a few last things for my dad. We took him to dinner at Cracker Barrel and back for his and Jacks (the dog) first night in their new place. We ended the day with Mel, Joe and Lia at the Target Parking lot for fireworks.

Another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. My dad is safe and will be taken care of and I won’t have worry about him not eating right. I won’t have to go over every other day to see if he’s ok because he’s not answering his phone. They will clean his house, feed him, give him his meds and do his laundry once a week. A little more piece of mind as the next leg of my journey begins. I am so blessed. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all your love and prayers.

Please let me know if you’re reading my ramblings by liking and following me. I just want to know who’s out there. And if you need prayer for something please let me know that too. I’ve been talking to God an awful lot lately and would be honored to drop your needs at His feet too. It really has been a blessing to see how these trials have fit in place for little old me! The song says His eye is on the Sparrow and I know He’s watching me!

Be blessed and have a safe and Happy 4th of July!




3 thoughts on “We moved Daddy today.

  1. So glad to hear the great news that there are no genetic concerns fir your family. As for your dad, what a relief to know he is cared for and is safe! Glad those things falling in place and will continue the prayers and sending positive energy your way!

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  2. You’re an amazing and strong woman and feeling blessed to have connected with you. I’m glad to hear the good news and the fact that you see all these blessings during such a difficult time is a blessing in itself. Glad these blessings will help make your journey a little less stressful.❤

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