It’s been a week from…

I’m sorry I’ve been absent. It’s not been a good week. The last 2 treatments have been…um…ok. With the steroid Monday (chemo day) I usually have an ok day. This Monday, I felt terrible before I ever left the treatment room. By dinner time the house was hot and I said, I don’t think the air conditioner’s working. I was in bed early and up at 5:30 to Rylee to school. I got back from carline at about 7:15am and checked the breaker switch to see if it was on and it was. Shoot! So I sent a text to a friend who’s husband is a Jack of all trades and Master of most of them! She said she would let him know. I started cleaning up around the house. I did a few errors and grabbed my dads fan and that Jack of all trades was in my drive way when I got home. Thank you Ray! The day was pretty typical but the evening wasn’t. I sank real fast Tuesday night. I couldn’t sleep. I laid in bed tossing and turning most of the night. This had been the worst night of nausea since the beginning. As I laid there crying, I wondered what normal felt like. What does it feel like to feel good and will I ever feel it again. I laid there crying and thinking about all the crap they are pumping into me and I just felt lost, tired and sick.

Wednesday morning a friend came and got Rylee for school because Wednesday typically isn’t a good day for me. And it wasn’t. At around 10:30 the oncologist office called me to see why I hadn’t come in for my shot on Tuesday. Oh crap…I told her I’d get dressed and come in. But that wasn’t going to happen without help. I was too shaky and unsteady. I called Melanie and asked if she could take me and she was here quickly to take me in. I’d taken a “pill” and wasn’t doing too bad. We went to Walmart and picked up a few thing and I was done. But it was time to pick up kids so off we went to carline. When we got home, I went and laid down. I really don’t remember must of the rest of the day and Thursday, I slept all day. A friend brought us dinner and I tried to eat it but it wasn’t going down very well. Seems I’m having trouble swallowing some things now. Thank you Michelle for bringing us dinner.

Friday I got up and went to work. It was a hard day. I felt bad but took “pills” most of the day and survived. Another friend brought us dinner and I was grateful because I was so tired. Thank you KC! Today was worse then yesterday. I felt sick when I woke up but got ready for work and off I went. It was a rough day. I was busy in the morning with customers and cleaning out units. By lunch things got quite so I laid my head down and closed my eyes for 30 minutes. It helped a little. It seems like forever for 5pm to get here. I had to run to the store and the pharmacy for my dad and after dropping his meds off I headed home. I was really feeling sick but I think part of it was that I hadn’t eaten in 3 days. So Terry cooked dinner and when I ate I felt better…for a few minutes. Now here I sit, trying to type without errors and having a hard time. I just want to go to bed, so I think I will. I’ll write again tomorrow.

Be blessed,




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