Make it a great day every day no matter what!

This has been my mantra for the past 8 to 9 months. Jay Noland, CEO of my company, taught us that our outlook for the day is totally up to us. Most days it’s not been a problem. Well except for the day the doctor gave me my diagnosis. Oh and yesterday wasn’t the best day ever, which lead to a sleepless night, which lead to a cranky me this morning. When I did sleep last night I kept dreaming about loosing my hair and it woke me up. And then I had a dream that I work up and all my hair was laying in my pillow. Or it had all fallen out in the shower…like all at once. And this morning when I got ready to blow dry my hair, I started to cry. Loosing my hair is really upsetting to me! I’m not ok with this. I don’t have many thing about my body that I like. I like my eyes and my lashes and my hair. AND IM GOING TO LOOSE TWO OF THE THREE! Then it hit me. I’m vain! Me! How did that happen? I always thought I was a humble person. I sing everyone else’s praises and I’m happy to be behind the scene.

It’s the whole wig thing. They don’t look natural. They really don’t feel natural. It’s going to be obvious and I don’t want to be obvious! Im a behind the scenes person… but if the truth be known, I will be embarrassed. So I’m vain! Or maybe just human. I was talking to Terry about it tonight and he said, why do you need a wig. Just buy some hats. He even offered to shave his head too. What a Prince!

I think I will definitely get a wig and a few cute hats and we’ll see what the tomorrow’s bring. I plan on taking it one day at a time. Making every day a great day no matter what! Bam

Thanks from ridingalong with me.

Be blessed,




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