And so it begins…

Allow me to start at the beginning and take it through to today. It’s was the end of April when I felt a strange sensation in my left boob…aka BREAST, TIT, TA TA, HOOTER GIRLS. Whatever you call it mine was talking to me. While investigating this sensation I found a huge lump. I told my husband that night and made a doctor’s appointment the next day.  I really wasn’t too concerned because it wasn’t there and then it was and so I figured it was nothing. On May 1st I went to see my doctor and she didn’t seen too concerned because there were no classic signs like dimpling or a discharge. BUT it be on the safe side she sent me for a mammogram. And then an ultrasound. And then a biopsy. And then on May 30 my husband and I went Together to hear the results. The Nurse Navigator sat us in her office at a little round table while she went to get the Doctor. It felt like she was gone forever. Finally they came in and the doctor looked at my file and said Mrs. Pupp, you have breast cancer. Do you have any questions? I felt the tears start and I tried not to let go but I couldn’t stop them. Questions? No, I mean yes…I don’t know. The NN hugged me and gave the breast cancer book for dummies and went through it with me but I only heard bla bla bla. I looked at Terry (my husband) and his face was beet red because he was trying not to cry. We held hands and when she was finished we walked out in silence. As we drove home I had to call my kids because they were waiting for the news. As I told one and then the other they cried and I did my best to not cry and to let them know I was going to be ok. It’s all going to be ok! I even told my son (Joey) not to worry, I would keep him abreast of everything! Listening to my kids cry was awful! Watching my husband hold back his tears to be strong for me was heart wrenching.

For a while I held it all together. My husband and I kept busy looking into alternative methods to treating BC including going to Mexico where they have something that isn’t FDA approved in the US.  Doctors want to chemo, cut and radiate. I don’t want that. Radiation causes cancer and chemo kills anything left that’s good.  There has to be a better way. I’ll talk more about that another day.

Since hearing the 4 words that changed my life I’ve had an MRI to make sure it’s not on the other side. I’ve seen the surgeon (not impressed) I’ve seen the Oncologist and really liked him. Yesterday day I got a CT  and bone scan. Today I went into the belly of Charlotte to do the genetic test to see if I carry the cancer gene.

So now I’m back at work. I still don’t know much. No decisions will be made until all the tests are back and we know what we’re faced with. My family is eating clean now. No sugar, no starch, no grains, no carbs. Only grass or produce fed meat and organic fruits and veggies. Oh and nuts!  More on that another day too!

I hope this wasn’t too boring. I’ll try to keep the rest short. I was just giving a little background into my story. If you’re wondering why I’m blogging this journey, it’s because I don’t know anyone who’s been through this so if I can help one person in their new normal, that’s why!

I want to thank my awesome husband for his taking chargness. For Melanie who came over just minutes after I got home. To Joey for making me laugh after the tears and to Rylee for picking up the slack at home. I promise I will survive! #standbyme

Look for your blessings today. See if you can find 4 or 5 and write then down somewhere. One of my blessings was figuring out this blog thing and sharing with you!

Be blessed,




4 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. I’m glad you are keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on with you. Praying for you sweet lady. You are such a great writer!!! ❤️❤️

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